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I have very fond memories of the few weeks I spent in Barcelona one summer. I was in my twenties and traveling with friends. We saw every Gaudi building in the city, spending at least an hour sitting across from the Sagrada Familia just in awe. If you’ve never seen it in person you must. It is like nothing else on this planet.

sacred family

We saw Picasso’s early sketches, had cervazas on the beach and tapas in the bars late at night.


Picasso’s self portrait during his Blue Period while in Barcelona.

We even found ourselves witnessing a Spanish wedding on La Rambla.


So, when asked to paint a repeat client’s dresser Barcelona Orange I really was up for the adventure of it. If you’ve followed Blue Egg Brown Nest for a bit, you know that I stick to the neutrals and as far as I venture is a bit into the blues. Orange is on the other end of the spectrum and truth be told, not a favorite hue of mine (Sorry, Emily Houck-Taylor!:))


While painting I just couldn’t help recounting memories of the city and it made me happy. I was even more happy when I realized what was happening with the dresser….I liked it!


If I had to describe the color when on wood, I would say think of a vodka sauce color.


I think the right hardware makes a difference when using this color. Pick something rustic like these awesome cup pulls.






It was worth the adventure!


  1. It seems to be less “bright” than when it was in the can?? Is that right or just the photography?


  2. I loved Barcelona orange the 1st time you featured
    It-rich & warm!
    Orange looks great with putty gray
    & dark wood (I think)
    I have only used orange for pillows & cushion for
    A Turkish table turned ottoman & bookcase boxes but I love it on furniture, that
    Dresser? Looked great!
    Loved the shout out & wish we could meet for
    Gazpacho in Barcelona…xxx em

  3. I love orange in small doses, it’s such a warm and happy color. The dresser looks great, especially with those pulls 🙂

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