…bedroom set & coffee

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty dog tired. I’ve been working during nap time & “My Little Pony” time and bedtime. I think I’ve been surviving only by the grace of Greta’s left over Halloween candy. I may have furniture by the end of the week, but not sure about how my waistline is going to fair. I’m excited for Saturday though and at least getting the chance to give out some business cards if nothing else. My dear friend Cindy Moore has designed my cards (more on her in a later post because she’s amazing & has been such a Godsend!!!!). And my dear husband is getting them printed!

I’m excited that I have a full bedroom set! My pictures are not great quality as it is in the garage, but here it is…

The twin bed is still being completed, but it’s just as cute!

The coffee in the title is just there because I desperately need coffee or a nap and the nap is not on the horizon at the moment.

Come check out the Holiday Market this Saturday, November 19th 10-4

Stifel & Capra

260 West Broad Street

Falls Church, VA 22046


  1. Sooo cute!! Good luck at the show, you will do great!!

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