…Before & After: Jasmine’s Baby

Okay, not really her baby, but a chest of drawers for her baby. Jasmine is such a sweet gal who is a repeat client and new friend. She also has a very talented artist hubby, Gavin. And now they are having a baby! I’m honored that she picked a Blue Egg piece to go in their nursery.

Here is the before:


This is my all time favorite size and shape piece. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll said it another million times, a piece like this can go in any room and serve many purposes. Think foyer, dining room buffet, living room side table, bedroom chest and of course a perfect baby dresser with top for a contour pad.


You may recognize the chest as one of the pieces I used for my demo at The Home Show. Yes, I demo-ed it in Paris Grey, but was happy to change course to accomodate the color Jasmine wanted.


I can’t help laughing because I received so many lovely & wonderful compliments from the presentation, BUT there was an individual and complete stranger that jabbed me online about wearing too much bling! And to that I say, when you are a mommy of three putting on big gold earrings and a fat beaded bracelet is a treat from the yoga pants and Ugg slippers that I usually wear out and about. To all the moms out there, you know where I’m coming from!


When a piece has such great lines it really speaks for itself. You really don’t need much distressing or dark wax.


French Linen is so classy. Don’t coat all the cracks and nooks. I think it adds interest to leave a bit of the wood showing in these places.


I love any piece with casters. And how great to have a changing table on wheels! I’m just picturing all those pacifiers and diapers and shake toys that fall behind a baby dresser and get stuck there for at least the first year of that baby’s life when you are way too crazed to clean up much of anything…besides that baby.


Do I even need to mention the ginger cat lounging? Always a photo op.


Jasmine & Gavin, I wish you only the best!

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers. I want you to know that I feel all the love and kindness you send my way and I’m so appreciative & love you all right back! xoxo



  1. Totally agree with you on the “bling” thing. We all need a little bling! Beautiful dresser. Have a wonderful day! ~ Vanessa

  2. People always find something to bust your chops about,an unfortunate aspect of human nature! Having said that, I love that dresser, I so wish I could find something like it… and the color is so pretty. I wish ASCP was in my budget. I hope you had a great Valentines day with your loved ones.

  3. There always has to be one!! I think your cute in whatever you wear and it was a special day for you and Blue Egg, after all! I bought a small china cabinet today at the thrift store that looks similar to the dresser your doing. I just wasn’t sure of the color (since I might keep it for myself) and when you said you were using French Linen on this project for your customer, I thought that’s it and I have a brand new can!! Did you use clear wax only or some dark wax too? Thanks!


    • Hi June! Thanks for the email! I always use clear wax and actually did not use any dark wax on this piece. I liked the way it was looking so decided not to. Thanks for readin and sticking up for me!


  4. I say “bling it on” ! I too spend so much time feeling less than glam in old painting gear that when the opportunity arises to feel pretty then some bling is definitely in order. I love your blog and your pieces are inspiring.

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