…Before & After: Mildred & Jack

A sweet friend & client had her beloved grandmother’s bar cart mailed to me to refinish. It was very special for her to have a piece of her grandmother’s home restored and placed in her own beautiful space. I was honored to help. This is what the cart looked like before.


So many of us want to hold close the pieces that we remember from our loved grandparents, but unfortunately most times the style and/or color does not integrate well into our homes. I know some people would find that painting a family member’s piece may feel painful or disrespectful in a way. I hear that. But, I do take the stance that the piece could either go in a closet as is and never be seen or touched or loved or used again. OR it could come out into the light, claim a place of prominence in our living room just a different color/texture that we can admire. (Of course the exception is anything that could be consider worth money on Antique’s Roadshow!)


Here it is in process. Yes, that is a pink Dora bike behind it.


The BFFs, Kane & Ollie, investigate the finished piece.


Owen approves.




Mildred and Jack are the names of her grandparents, which she had me paint on the bottom of the cart. When she came to pick it up tears sprang to her eyes in delight. What a special moment for me.

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