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The Blue Egg Brown Nest community has always been amazingly important to me. Your love and support continue to shine in the darkness of the horrible nightmare my family is facing.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the support of a community.

Below is my immediate, Bensten family – yes, it’s a crowd. A very brave, strong, fiercely loyal crowd. #pray4bman



  1. Colleen Katz says:


  2. lots of prayers coming your way, lots of love, Kate & Tony Alany

  3. lots of prayers coming your way. Love, Kate & Tony Alany

  4. Spreading the word, lifting Bentsen up in prayer. God is good, by his stripes we are healed!

  5. Praying for Bensten. Sending healing thoughts.

  6. Woke up this morning with your sweet nephew on my mind. Praying and believing and standing with your family in our prayers, In Jesus Name!! Amen!!

  7. Rose Beckhurst says:

    Continuing my prayers for little bensten. God bless him and your whole family at this time.

  8. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. Get better little Bensten you can do it.

  9. good thoughts and prayers being sent, hugs Elaine

  10. Praying for your nephew Bensten and your whole family!

  11. Went to mass tonight and prayed for little Bensten.
    Prayers to keep your family strong too.

  12. Praying for Bensten!

  13. Praying for complete healing.

  14. Debbie Evans says:

    Prayers going up right now for your nephew for a “miraculous healing”. Also lifting up his parents and the entire family for strength and “the Peace that passes understanding” through Jesus Christ. I do not know the details of your nephew’s injuries, but I do know what “critical care” means. My own son suffered a traumatic brain injury while training a horse in 2005.
    Ephesians 3:20
    ( I always love reading your daily posts and never comment but I could not pass up this request for prayer.)
    Blessings & Continued Prayers,

  15. Praying for your family and especially your nephew. Love and strength to you.

  16. Yes, I and others are joining with you and your family- praying for a miraculous healing and recovery, strength and peace that passes all understanding for the days ahead.

  17. Prayers for your sweet little nephew and for the medical staff that is treating and caring for him. Strength to you and your family and Gods amazing Grace!

  18. Chris – the Bensten family has not left my thoughts since I heard about what happened. Sending so much love and strength to you all. Believe in miracles! MLQ

  19. Praying for full recovery. Dear Lord.

    And praying for his doctors, too.

    Steady on little Bensten. Beautiful Boy.

  20. Chantelle says:

    I am so sorry! Praying for a miracle! Life is precious and famiies are forever!

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