…Blue Egg Brown Nest Home Colors: Dining Room

I really wanted my dining room to be just as cozy & inviting as my other rooms. I wanted to be able to sit down for Thanksgiving or even a coffee on a Saturday with the paper. Ha! Like that could ever happen with 3 kids, but you get the idea. Maybe one day. At least the possibility is there.



I want to try to show you how the other rooms relate to one another. That is why the colors need to flow. All the rooms connect and all the wall colors are just a shade different from one another. The space feels cohesive. Dining room to living room to hallway to family room to kitchen to study.


I am not saying stay away from your favorite color and just use taupes. Again, I’m saying layer your favorite colors on a neutral if you don’t want to repaint or you don’t have the time or money to repaint and refurnish a few years from now – which most of us don’t.






I’m excited to share that my dining room will be in a publication in the near future along with an article on the design.


Thursday: Study



  1. i am remodeling our kitchen and love your kitchen(i saw it in Cottage Mag). Who is the cabinet and granite manufacturer and color? Also, do you think the faucet and cabinet hardware s/be oil rubbed bronze if the lighting and plumbing is orb in the rest of the house? Thanks for designing my dream kitchen!

  2. Question for you, my foyer living room and dinning room all share one wall with no natural breaks. I really don’t want to paint them all the same color any tips on how to make the dinning room and or living room a different color without painting a line up the wall? Thanks so much!!!

    • christen says:

      I hate to say it, but I think the best thing is to paint them all one color. Unless you want to build in some doorway frames to separate it with some molding then you could paint each room separately. I’d say pick a color that can work for both spaces. It’s not so much about the color, but about what you have in the room to separate the two. Maybe find a great decor wall screen. Maybe a large plant. Maybe a floor lamp. Wall color is not as important as what is in the room.

  3. Would you mind sharing the names of the paint colors on the other walls in your space? Did you just lighten Hot Spring Stones by a percentage? Your space is absolutely divine and peaceful. I adore it.

  4. After a long search on internet and Pinterest, and tons of magazines, I have finally found my dream dining room. Your dining room is absolutely stunning! Love the colors , and the way you put everything together. So cozy , but at the same time , so much style. Now I just have to try and duplicate this feeling in my home,,,,,,,i wish,,,,,,

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