…Blue Egg Brown Nest Home Colors: Study

We all need a quiet space to shelf our books. Or at least I do. I have not taken the plunge to do my reading on a screen and prefer flipping my own paper pages. I’ve kept every book I’ve ever read. I believe my parents still have all of my old Agatha Christie books in my bedroom closet at the house I grew up in. So, I need space for these lovelies and found a perfect piece in my study to do so where the titles can peak out at me through the brassy-wire of this French cabinet.



My desk is really a dining table I refinished in French Linen.



As a reader & a writer I love the idea of a cozy, darker space to retreat to. I painted the study a few shades darker than the other rooms to create this effect. The only thing missing is a fireplace.



I bought one chair with BIG style, a dome chair in a neutral color, back is burlap. I have another brown on brown zebra rug in here, placed at an angle. And I actually left a stained wood piece in here because I think it added some warmth and loved the shade.



Yes, the room feels a bit darker, but not smaller. There is a great, big window that let’s in quite a bit of light. I’ve also chosen a floral fabric print for the window seat that creates some brightness.

I’ve also added my vintage touches about the space. I played with adding my Tiffany Blue, but it felt too distracting in this space.



Just trying to create the perfect space for my first novel 🙂


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  1. Hi Christen! I’m love’n your interior color series! The study is no exception! I’m sure it does feel cozy in there with a little darker color on the walls. What color is the french bookcase? It looks yellow on my monitor, which is funny because your French Linen table looks right on!

    Thanks 🙂

    PS..We visit the Pismo Dunes often, here on the coast in CA….I won’t forget that color!

    • christen says:

      Hi June! The bookcase was that color when I found it so I don’t know! I kind of love it so I have no plans on refinishing it anytime soon.

  2. Christen….the study looks beautiful! Perfect place for reading! I’m a book lover too and want to build shelves in our parlour to put a lot of the books in one spot…but now you’ve got me re-thinking that…after seeing your French cabinet! Love your blog!!!!

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