…blue egg brown nest tutorials on youtube

I am so new to You Tube so sorry for the delay! All I know about it are the funny cat videos I seen on Ellen. And, yes, they crack me up.

I decided to do a series of 3 tutorials because I have been asked by many of you to walk through the process. I hope the visual is helpful. Yes, there are kids and dogs and hurricanes happening in the background, but c’est la vie 🙂 FB tells me that I’ve reached just over 5,000 readers this week and I’m thinking it has something to with the tutorials. Thank you so much for watching!

If for some reason you can’t see the video’s here, this is what you can look up and/or click this hyperlink: Blue Egg Brown Nest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tutorials




  1. Hi Christin,

    Enjoyed the videos-just wanted to say: You are certainly not “cheesy” to say the a piece talks to you. That is what gives your work that special something. It is the difference between a good work and an average work. Keep sharing and thank you. Jean

  2. Hi Christin, just wanted to say how much I loved watching these videos. I have just painted my first shelf using Annie Sloan Old White and it is now drying. I live in the UK and after watching these videos last week I hunted out a supplier and am now excitedly waiting to paint my whole house! You are an inspiration to me and I love your blog and look here every day or so to see what you have been up to. I saw Pottery Barn on an episode of Friends and looked on the website and i must say I wish it was here in the UK but it sounds as if you are sick of it! Much love from England and please keep doing what your doing so I can keep checking in for more great ideas and inspiration.

  3. Hey Christen.. I just love your work! Totally inspired me to do some chalk painting. But I do have a question.. How do you handle a piece of furniture that has already been painted a dark ugly green? I don’t want the green to show through at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Ps.. I also think you are hilarious to watch in your tutorials lol! The 3M reference had me lolling!!

  4. Loved watching these tutorials, Christen. I’m wanting to do this process on an old piece to use as our tv stand. I had a question – with the wax, does it rub off on clothes, etc.? Also, does it seal the piece in anyway to prevent water stains, etc.? I’m a newbie to all of this. I appreciate the helpful tips. Thanks!



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