…blue egg brown nest

Look what was dropped on my doorstep. Possibly by a flock of lovely little birds. Possibly by the FedEx delivery man that is terrified of my 100lb chocolate lab, Kane.

2 crates, each with a trio of blue eggs in brown nests.

Nest w/ 3 blue eggs…$12 each. Pick up only.




  1. OMG. Please count me in for one. Will get on Monday when I look at chair. They’re BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Christen–anytime you have that full headboard done–I’d love to come see it. And I will be doing a tiny renovation in my den soon–that would be a great time to empty my desk and have you do it. Maybe a month from now. I can have a picture taken of it and we can talk about how much it would cost to do it. Thanks, hon. Jackie

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