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Thanks for being so patient about your Q&A’s. Here they are. Got questions? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com and I’ll post.

Just wondered if you ever have problems with the paint cans used to hold ASCP? Some of my cans buckled around the top edge when I hammered the lid on thus causing an issue. It is as if the metal is not rigid enough. I had to place the paint in another container.

I have not had this problem, but then again I go through paint very quickly. I don’t even bother hammering the top on because I know I’m going to use it again tomorrow. If you are concerned I think putting it in another air-tight container is a great idea. IMG_4301

I have some outdoor furniture that has rusted and would like to paint it a fun color.  Do I need to do any special prep for the rust before I paint?  Is wax fine or does it need more to protect it?  It will be under a roof so it is protected some from the elements.   

I would take some steel wool and/or sand paper to it and try to scrape off some of that rust. If it is textured it will show through your paint. The good news is is that if you are going for the weathered look then it will add to it. If you are NOT going for the weathered look then you want to go to your hardware store and buy a product that will strip the rust. They make them, but it is a very strong chemical so be sure to wear rubber gloves. Once the chemical sets you will actually be able to just wipe the rust off. You do not want to use any wax if sitting outside.

I generally use a liberal amount of clear wax after I’ve distressed the piece.  I try to rub as much of the wax to get a smooth finish but I notice on non flat surfaces, i.e. spindle legs that the finish has a slightly tacky feel.  Do I need to keep rubbing to get to a smoother finish?

Yes, keep rubbing until you get off all the excess. It will take more effort for curves and legs. If it still feels tacky then just wait a few hours and go back to buffing it later. Sometimes it needs to sit for a bit.


What would you recommend about using chalk paint if you are pregnant?

ASCP is non-toxic, but I don’t want to be the one to recommend using it if you are pregnant and nervous about it. I think one or two pieces while you are pregnant is fine, but for me personally I would not be doing a ton of painting while prego. I would be more concerned about any sanding and breathing in old dust from old pieces.

I tried to see if you apply it all over the pieces that you do or do you only apply it where you distress the piece?  I tried the steel wool technique, but not sure if I am doing that correctly.  Can you give me a little more in-depth guidance on applying the dark wax and using the steel wool to take it off?

Sure. You literally want to take your fine steel wool and rub right after you apply your dark wax. This will take off any excess and smooth it out. It works beautifully. Just wipe off any steel wool dust when you are done. I use the dark wax on edges and crevices. It is optional, though.


So my question is, I’m doing 6 kitchen chairs. I didn’t buy the wax brush. Do I really need it?  

No. In fact, specifically for chairs it will be easier to use a lint-free cloth. I have actually stopped using my wax brush and only use a cloth because I find that I can control it better.

Do you ever spray paint hardware rather than chalk painting or replacing.  I have an art deco buffet with unique handles that I really like but the finish is shot.  I’m painting the buffet in French linen and was thinking of spraying the handles with a bronze finish.

Yes! I think that is a great idea. There are so many spray paints that are for metals and it’s a great look. I tend to like the look of an old piece of hardware so I don’t really do this on an old piece.


When you paint the interior of a piece…do you wax it and if you do, when is it appropriate to wax or not wax?  

I wax the interior where I know dishes and pieces will be placed – like the shelves and the bottom of the interior.

Do you have a methodology to pricing?  This seems to be the most challenging part about the process of trying to resale pieces.  Can you please provide  advise in this area?

Yes, it is challenging. You really need to experiment. I always recommend going shopping in your area. See what others are pricing their pieces at in your local flea markets or antique malls. They price you piece. If it sits with no interest for a few weeks then it’s probably too high. Mark it down and see what happens.

How do you sell your pieces? Do you have a shop or is it strictly word of mouth? Does having a blog and doing youtube videos help? I am trying to figure out what the best way is to market myself.

This is something that you have to figure out. You have to do what works for you, your family & your personality. And what you want will change as your business grows. I am blessed to sell from my home. That is what works for me. I have gone down some roads and entertained many other ideas and shops/barns, but it just doesn’t fit with raising my kids right now. That may change. We shall see.


I found this old door at an outdoor market, bought it and leaned it on my wall!


I have been admiring your church pew (and the beautiful painting over it).  I have a similar pew and am thinking about “doing” it.  If there’s wood filler in some areas are there any special techniques I would need to know to refinish the pew?

Well, if there are only a few little bits that have wood filler then it will be fine. If you have large surface areas it will also be fine, but you may need to play with the amount of paint you use & layer.

I am currently waxing a bookcase that I have painted with ASCP.  How long do I need to wait to set books, décor, etc on the shelves after it is totally done.  I know this paint is so much different than latex paint, which I am so glad to have discovered.  Every other bookcase in my house has been painted with latex, and even letting that cure for 4 – 5 days, all of my books and décor have stuck to the shelves.  Then picking things up to clean….up peels the paint.  By the way,  I have used good quality latex paint also.  So hopefully this is the answer to peeling paint, I just want to make sure I let it cure correctly!

I hear you. If you are nervous about putting items on your piece then let it sit for a few days. I let all my pieces that I refinish for clients set for at least three days. You will not have the same sticking problem with ASCP that you have with latex.


Would like your opinion….. Is it ok to have more than one piece of furniture in a room painted the same or different colors.  Or just kept it simple with just one piece painted?

I don’t want pieces in my rooms to be matchy-matchy. There is more interest in a room if you have different pieces with different personalities, but an overall “look”. For example, my bedroom has French Linen, Paris Grey and a few white pieces. It all works together. Just don’t go crazy with lots of color.

Was wondering what kind of camera you use to photograph pieces for your website?  In the process of purchasing a camera and would appreciate your input.

I have a Canon and it is very important for my business. Invest in one.

Have you ever painted the fabric of the chair?? 

No. For some reason I hate the idea of this! There are too many pretty fabrics out there!


Do u ever distress the tops of tables other than the edges?

Yes. If a client let’s me do what I want to the piece then I will distress portions on the surface. I never go too crazy though.

I am very interested in painting upholstery fabric. Have you tried it yet? I know Annie Sloan says it can be done. What do you think?

Yes, I hear that it is being done. Still bothers me to be honest.


  1. Judy Sanscartier says:

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to have discovered chalk paint. I love your tutorials, I have found them to be extremely helpful! The question I have for you, is about your walls in your family room. Do you mind telling me what colour they are. I am in the midst of painting my living room and dining room, and your colour is so nice, neutral, and warm! Thanks!

  2. I liked this question and answer post. Very informative!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  3. I have a hutch that my daddy built years ago. It has dark stain on it and I want to lighten it. Will ASCP work in this type situation?

  4. Judy Sanscartier says:

    Hi, question…I have read/heard that when you paint with chalk paint, then wax, you can always just paint right over wax etc, and start all over again… I just returned from a paint store, remaining unnamed…I brought up chalk paint, and I was told that it was not durable, only if waxed and if you wax it, it is permanent, and if you ever want to reprint, you have to scrape the wax off?? Any truth…is he saying maybe if you wanted to use latex paint??

  5. I found this ASCP Q&A really useful. Thanks! Your furniture is beautiful.

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