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So do you never use your clear wax brush even on large flat surfaces?  I do find it’s easier to use a lint free cloth when doing spindles on legs or backs of chairs but I do use my large wax brush as much as possible as I find you don’t waste as much wax as you do with a cloth.

I used to use a brush for everything. Now I prefer a lint-free cloth. I go through them very quickly. I find that you can control the application much easier and, yes, I use them on large flat surfaces. I think it is also a faster application process as well.


Can you tell me if the long wood box is a drawer from an old sewing machine?  I think I have them from my Mom’s old pedal sewing machine.  I was thinking of painting them, but don’t know what to do with them, any ideas?

Yes, it is! I love these little drawers and you can find them at any flea market or antique shop. They are great for everything. I also use them for mail. You could totally paint, but I find that they are so pretty in their natural state and it’s good to add a little wood to your decor.


Would wood furniture used outdoors need to be treated differently than something I would paint to be used indoors? I’m thinking of an old kitchen table/chairs. It’s dry and warm where I live.

You can paint as you would an interior piece. You just don’t need to use the waxes. Just like all exterior wood furniture it will eventually wear. Again, it is a more rustic look so this will add to the appearance.

I recently scraped the rust and wire brushed a metal garden bench, I re painted it with Paris Grey ASCP, two coats, but the rust has come back through on the bench after two days in the garden. What have I done wrong? I didn’t wax it as I understood it didn’t need to be waxed if it was outdoor furniture.

You will probably need to shellac your pieces if you see any type of bleed through. Do they sell anything like this where you are? It basically protects anything underneath from coming through.

I was wondering if you have ever considered doing a weekly or monthly linky party for for Chalk Painters like you? There are so many of us out there that would love to share our work and you seem like one of the Chalk Paint gurus of the Web. Might be a good place for all of us to meet up and share our ideas.

I was doing a Linky Party about 6 months ago, but I did not get a huge volume of entries on a weekly basis. Is this something you all would be interested in? I could revisit maybe doing it once a month. I also don’t love the idea of awarding a “winner” as we are all working hard. Hmmm. Something to think about.

Can you give us an idea of how much of a can will work on a large piece. 

Well, a “large” dresser will most likely be 3/4 of a can if you do 2 or 3 coats and 3/4 of a can of clear wax. Don’t skimp on the wax.

How much experience have you had creating the weathered look?

I try to do this look whenever I have my own oak piece to paint. It is not difficult to do. Check out my tutorial.

I have used Annie Sloan’s duck egg but yours look a lil greener. And I am looking at the shutters that you have on either side of the console with the clock hanging above. Can you please tell me how to achieve that color?

You are right. It is not Duck Egg. Try Florence to get this color with an undercoat of Old White.


I have a turquoise desk that was painted using DIY chalk paint. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate the turquoise desk with my paris grey furniture. Do you think it would look ok if I put the desk in my bedroom, since all of my furniture is paris grey?

I have Paris Grey mixed in with turquoise in my living room and I think it works. Just add a few other little accessories in the same turquoise to tie it all in.

I have been looking though your photos and noticed that you often do not paint the top of tables.   Is this because the caulk paint and wax will not hold up very good, or do you just like that look better?   I recently finished a table that I left wood stained on the top with the rest painted but now I have  a dinning room set  to do.  I was my aunts so I don’t want to mess it up.     I am debating on the table.   I would appreciate any advise you could give me.

Actually, I always paint the tops of my pieces. I do like the look of a natural top, but it has to be the right stain to look good. If it is an older table and the stain is just dated then paint the entire piece.


One question on that….after painting, how long do I wait to sand, then how long do I wait to wax?

You can sand as soon as your paint is dry. But, I typically wait to do it the next day. You will DEFINITELY want to wait to touch it with any wax for 24 hours. Just go slowly. It’s not a race.

Ok, also my piece has glass panels on the front…do you just typically paint over that (instead of taping) and just scrap the paint off after you’re finished?

Yes. I don’t tape in this instance. I scrape afterwards.

Ok, I’m wondering also about some of your furniture…you have two different photos of dining room furniture on your site….one is wooden chairs with upholstered seats (I’ll attach picture at the bottom)… What I want to know is what color are those chairs and table painted? I’m assuming you did a dark wax on those as well?

You are looking at the very first dining set I ever did! That was about 4 years ago and I sold it. It is Paris Grey with dark wax.


Where do you find all the faux greenery that add such warm finishing touches to your home. I love the long stems and the little green balls.

I find topiaries and boxwood wreaths typically on Decor Steals or One King’s Lane. Keep an eye out and snap them up when you see them. Ballard also has topiaries for a pretty good price.

Can you use shellac over the chalk paint before the wax has been applied if you are getting bleed through? 

If you use the shellac at this point you will then need to go over it with your paint again and then your wax. The shellac is white and will look different than your paint.

I’m finding that water spots and or discoloration to the original finish can also cause bleed through.  I have an end table that I used Country Grey on and the top has these spots showing through after two coats of paint.  Do I have to remove the paint before applying the shellac? 

No, just shellac over the paint and then start your process.

Those chairs look amazing. Is that Ann Sloan’s paint in a spray pack you were spraying on?  

No, I never use a spray paint. This would take away the zen part of the process that clams me down and makes this fun & interesting. I try to keep power tools out of my process!


Hi…do you wear a mask when you distress?  I generally heavily distress my pieces so I have some concerns in this area.  I generally work in my garage and if it’s nice, with the door open….but there still is A LOT of sawdust.

No, I don’t use a mask. If you are working with very old furniture you really should. It’s not the paint I worry about it’s the old pieces.

Are you worried about the table tops scratching with everyday usage when using the chalk paint?  Is the wax supposed to protect from scratching?  I’m debating about doing my table top because of this issue.  Just every day wear and tear, I would think, could cause the table top to look a bit scratched up.

No, I don’t worry because I know it will stand up to wear. When it does start to show signs then I know that it’s part of the process and the aged look.

I recently found your blog via a you tube video where you were painting a round pedestal table.  Can you tell me what color that was?

You are probably talking about the weather-wood look. It was Old White.


  1. Great tips! Thanks for being so kind and sharing your advice. Your pieces are very pretty.

  2. I vote “yes” for a monthly linky party, but I am kind of cheating because I submitted that comment. Thanks again for all the good info!

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