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Hey! Here are your Q&A’s. Got questions? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com and I’ll post.

I just started my first project with the Antoinette paint and the clear wax. I used two coats on the drawers and the paint just seems too opaque. Almost like I should’ve just used one coat. Then I applied a very thin layer of wax…because everywhere else scares the bejesus out of you telling you to not use too much! Can I sand over the wax and paint and then wax again? This time with a bit more wax?

Sure, you can totally sand the wax off or even repaint it. The color, however, does deepen with clear wax.

I just picked three exciting french provincial pieces, 2 dressers and a vanity. The insides of the vanity drawers have ink stains, cosmetic stains and some dried glue? How do you address the insides of your pieces?

Are the interiors wood or felt/cloth? If wood, then I would recommend scraping the glue and or sanding it down. You could also paint. I personally don’t fuss with the interiors and drawers of my pieces. I have had a few vanities with felt when opened that was covered in stains. I’ve cleaned as much as possible. If really bad they may just be difficult to sell.

May I ask what wall color you used throughout your house?

Do a search on my site for wall colors. I’ve done 2 series on all of them.

Image 19

I am obsessed with your curtains because the color is exactly what I am looking for, not too blue, not too green.  Can you tell me what fabric it is? 

They are Silk Dupioni.

I am having a terrible time stripping furniture!  I can easily do the top on a table I recently purchased, but can’t get the legs and edges very well. I used that Citrustrip and then my sander–have put many hours into this!  I am getting a little frustrated.  

If you use Annie Sloan or MMS Milk Paint you do not have to strip or prepare your furniture! Otherwise, yes, it is sooooo much work.

Would it look weird to have a weathered surface with graphite legs on a coffee table?

No. Try it and see if you like the result. You can always paint the surface.

I am attempting to paint my husband’s childhood farm table and benches. His father made it probably in the 60’s. Not sure of the wood/stain or sealant used. I have painted many pieces with Annie paint for my home with beautiful results. For some reason the paint I’m using (Florence) is not sticking at all to this wood. Ever have this problem? Tips or advise?

I have only had this issue with newer pieces that are not real wood. Is it real wood? If so and still not adhering then sand down the surface with an electric sander. Have you mixed your paint properly? This should not be happening if an older, wood piece.

One quick question… Have you painted kitchen cabinets with chalk paint before??

I have not done my kitchen cabinets, but I have painted hundreds of cabinets before. It is the same principle. If you hate your kitchen cabinet then paint them!!

Can you use the clear and dark wax over semi gloss paint from Sherman Williams.


Do you have to distress all chalk paint or you can just use both the waxes (dark/clear)?

You don’t have to distress. Do whatever you like the look of.


Can you use Annie Sloan paint on kitchen island which gets really abused in my house and still looks great?

What kind of material is your island made out of? I personally would not recommend it. If you cannot replace you counter top with a granite or the like due to budget issues I have a few cheaper options for you. Ikea sells inexpensive butcher block which looks wonderful and high end. You also could easily tile you island yourself if you needed a new look for cheap. It may not be the best surface to work on, but it is an option. I just don’t think painting would be your best choice for this area.

How do you do ‘chippy’?

If you want your paint to literally flake off then you need to go with a milk paint. If you want to control your chippy look by sanding and have a consistent coverage then you can use ASCP or milk paint with a bonding agent.

Did not do the inside and my hubby asked if I am going to paint it.  Now I question myself. Do you do all the insides of furniture, cabinets etc…how do you feel about it?

I do not paint the insides of my dressers and cabinets. I do paint if a secretary or armoire and it will be opened.

Is it possible to work with these paints and waxes indoor?

Oh yes! Both paints are non-toxic and enviro-friendly. I work most of the winter in my home.


So about how much paint of one color would I need for these three pieces?

I think part of your question got cut off! For one piece, like a dresser, it will probably take you a half can of paint.

I painted a desk last year with Annie Sloan paint & waxed it with the soft wax but now the desk is dirty.  How do I clean it?

Use something milk like soap and water. I don’t believe we should tip-toe around furniture. Like any piece we need to be careful.

I have an oak Lane cedar chest that my in-laws gave us about 15 years ago. Although it is great to store blankets in, I just think it is plain ugly 🙂 Think shiny oak with lots of dark striations, wood detailing (fan shapes) and shiny brass fixtures. I confess that I have always kept it in a room that doesn’t get much use. I have never been particularly crafty but I am feeling inspired and think I could take this on as a project. Have you painted over one of these? Any suggestions, should I start with a smaller project?

Paint it if you are not happy with it! I have painted cedar before. Consider leaving the interior the cedar for the smell. Paint all those shiny brass fixtures.

Hi, have you ever layered on several different colors then do a “wet distress” to reveal the underneath coat?  I’ve heard people do this but am wondering if the paint comes off after it’s dry with a wet towel, or do you have to work fast and wipe it off while it’s still drying?  I know the paint dries pretty fast.

I’m not sure what you mean by “wet distress”. Sounds like you mean a lighter coat on top or even a watered down coat. If so, you would paint your undercoat and then for the top coat add some water and paint to a separate container. Thinly paint over the undercoat so that it shows through. May take some experimentation.

When you paint for example a dresser or bedside table. Do you paint the underneath and back. (basically the parts people don’t see) just wondering where you stop with the paint.  

No, I don’t worry about the underneath. I do paint the backs for a finished look.

Also with the drawers, do you paint inside or leave them if they are in good condition.

Leave the drawers.

You may have answered this question before, have you ever gotten a piece with the intention to sell it and then after you work your magic fall in love with it and want to keep it? Does it happen often?

Yes! If you are feeling this way then keep the piece! You may end up changing your mind later or sell another piece in your home. I change things up all the time in my house!

My questions are… do you prefer milk paint to chalk or visa versa ?

I think they serve different purposes. If you want to control the outcome of your piece and have a limited amount of time, opening a can of paint can be easier. If you want a cottage and/or shabby look and have the time to play then a milk paint is great.

Also when you say it took 2 weeks to get your dining chairs the way you wanted them with the milk paint did you mean repainting them ? Different colours? ( however you did them they are beautiful).

It was my first time working with any type of furniture paint so I played and played until I mixed a color that I liked and even used some stain.


Can you get milk paint in England ? i am loyal to annie sloan as you are but wouldn’t mind playing with milk paint. 

Great question. Have you asked your ASCP stockist? They may know. My stockist sells various milk paints in her shop.

I just finished an old oak table and I’m seeing finger prints from the wax. Now I followed the instructions in unfolded. Applied a little wax over it, took off the excess wax and buffed it 24 hours later. It has more of a sheen due to the buffing and is better, but if I still run my fingers across it, it shows the finger prints. I used two layers of coco.

I would recommend letting it sit for a few more days. I always try to let my pieces sit 2/3 days to really dry out.

I was just in Michael’s and saw that she has now created a chalk paint and waxes. Have you tried them? Love Annie Sloan, but this brand is more convenient as it’s at michaels and there’s only one store in my city that carries ASCP. Just curious! She has a great brush also that I just bought for $25 to try out!

No way! That is too funny. It was bound to happen. I will check it out.

I saw where you used the versailles color but was there a post that showed what the piece looked like originally and described your process? I have a dark mahogany piece I’d like to paint using this technique and just wondering if it will work on a dark piece.

Yes, do a search on “The Chicken Cabinet”.

I adore your tutorials and style, and I have a question about the round oak table you white washed to be a restoration look on one of your videos. Did that oak table start out as an “orangy” stain as most oak tables have, or was it one of the dark brown oak stains? Also, was the poly on it thick, or had it worn off. How will this affect the piece?

When I have done this method the oak pieces have had different stains. These really will not affect your pieces.

Is there anything that stops you from painting a piece and if so, what is it? How do you know what furniture should be left as is and what you should paint. Sometimes it’s obvious that an item would look beautiful painted but sometimes the item is beautiful as it is (but the paint can bring it out even more). I guess I’m a bit worried about finding a piece already beautiful and not having the guts to just go for it!

If it is an antique or you THINK it is antique then do your homework. Get it appraised or do a search for a similar piece. If it is vintage or dated and you would rather hide it in a closet then paint it!


  1. Hi Christen, what is this brand of chalk paint at Michaels? I too have a really hard time getting the ASCP.
    Comment from one of your readers in the Q&A on Wed. See below.
    I was just in Michael’s and saw that she has now created a chalk paint and waxes. Have you tried them? Love Annie Sloan, but this brand is more convenient as it’s at michaels and there’s only one store in my city that carries ASCP. Just curious! She has a great brush also that I just bought for $25 to try out!
    Thanks, Wanda

  2. Please tell me where you got your zebra patterned rug that you have in your dining room. I’ve been doing my dining room in monochromatic colors and I’m in love with that rug. Thank you.

  3. My dark wax brush has dried out and is putting brown specks on my furniture when waxing…how do you clean your wax brushes?

  4. Hi. Yes MMS milk paint is available in England

  5. To do the wet distress technique you paint on a base coat and let it dry. Paint on another coat in a different color and let it dry as well. Then, you take a damp rag or sponge and rub until you reveal the coat underneath. It doesn’t make a mess like dry sanding chalk paint and it has a less scratchy and smoother look. It also only goes through the first layer of paint and not all the way to the wood. You have more control with the wet distress technique.

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