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Hi! Here are your Q&A’s! Got questions? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com and I’ll post!

I’m almost sure I heard you say before that you always wait a day after painting before applying wax. Do you always do this? I have read on some other sites that use annie sloan that they just wait until the wax is dry to the touch. I’m so impatient. I really don’t want to wait, but I always do BECAUSE YOU SAID SO!!!!  LOL. 🙂  Also, I’ve found myself redoing some of my pieces lately, because they just aren’t looking the way I want them to look. You have said that you can go back and repaint right over top of the wax. I have read, again on another site, that you have to wait 4 weeks for the first coat of wax to cure before repainting. Could you please clarify for me?

Yes, I like to wait for the paint to really set before clear waxing. If you use the clear wax right after the paint feels dry then you will notice that the paint almost seems to thin. Let it dry. I always do this.

If I decide I want to repaint then I will let the wax dry like a day and then paint over. I have never heard this 4 weeks thing and am also WAY too impatient to wait like that. I have not found it an issue.


I wanted to ask you about your furniture sale page. Some of your pieces have names like “Abigail Chest” and I wanted to see if you make up names as a  selling strategy for your pieces.

I think naming your pieces is a way of personalizing the piece and you. I am also obsessed with names. I love when I buy an article of clothing or a nail paint that has a great name. Furniture is no different for me 🙂

I bought chateau chic chalk paint when I was at the coast in deep water grey, I normally buy ascp, the seller stated it just like ascp duck egg which I love! Well I applied chateau chic but its more like a mint. I had plans to apply dark wax, I tried to apply but it gave the piece a dirty look, is there a way to make it look aged, and not dirty.

I do not know what “Chateau Chic Chalk Paint” is. I will say that one of the reasons that I trust ASCP is because the colors are so right on. I have not found that in other furniture paints. Stick to what you know and like when it comes to painting large pieces of wood! Truthfully, I would paint over with your favorite ASCP color if I were you. If you want to keep it, but don’t want it to look muddy then just make sure you go behind your waxing and wipe with a fine steel wool. Also, only dark wax edges and crevices. OR don’t dark wax at all!

I have a question about the appliques.  Since they are basically rubber-ish, do lots of different types of paint adhere to them or is it like trying to paint caulking?

I have worked with them for a few months now and I have noticed that they do not adhere by just trying to caulk with your paint. You need the rubber cement and you need to wait 15 minutes after you put glue on the applique before pressing onto your piece. The rubber is great because you can move it around a bit to get the look you want.


Can you use ASCP  on metal and hardware ?


Just wondering if you subscribe to any magazines for inspiration (or just fun)?  I have so many subscriptions right now, but am looking for something that is similar to your style of decorating (i.e. your own home).  

Great question! I subscribe to freshstyle magazine, Veranda and The New Yorker! Of course, I always end up picking up some design magazines in the grocery if something catches my eye.

What I emailing you about is your dining drapes. I have spent many, many hours looking for the curtains and or the material and I am unable to find it. Could you please shed some light?

The material is Dupiani Silk and I purchased them from Pottery Barn a few years ago. Not sure they make the same color, but I have been very happy with the look. They look more expensive than they are.


Do you have any thoughts on how to choose a wall color for a small, darkish guest room.  It has one window, north facing….

Yes! Go light and neutral. There are some great Ben Moore colors that I’ve listed in my posts on wall colors. Do a search on my site.

Are you still selling the Hide and Seek TV covers with the botanicals? I’m so desperate for a solution for our ugly big box! Or do you have plans I could purchase?

Right now we are not doing the custom screens. I just don’t have the time in the work schedule at the moment. This may change so please check back!

I wanted to touch base with you to see if you have any time upcoming for make a custom screen?  

See above.

Small Room Design

I have a lowboy that was originally cherry … A nice piece. It was during a time where I couldn’t make up my mind what color I wanted to paint it (ugh) so, needless to say I have a red drawer, green, charcoal … I want to repaint and fix this. What should I do to get even color over all these different colors? 

Good news. You really should have no issue with getting your ASCP to cover the stained wood and paint. It will all match. Just make sure you do enough coats to cover.

Where can I get those awesome lanterns?

Restoration Hardware.


Did you stain your deck or did it naturally age over the summer? 

No, I did not stain the deck. We like that grey, natural look that happens.


  1. totally in awe of your work. You have such an artistic flair. I saw some of the cutest little blue egg in a nest necklaces on etsy and thought of you !!! Have you seen them?
    You are inspiring so many people to take up painting with chalk paint. I’m in love with this technique and really get enjoyment out of giving an old peice of furniture a new life
    Cheers Jo from Australia

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