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I just wondered if you have tried spraying as you go. Painting by brush is hard work. If you have tried spraying how did it turn out? 

I am wary of spraying down my piece with water as I go because this could change the color. If I want to do a second coat I will have to make sure I every little inch because the places that I spray may lighten the color. I would be scared to do it with a final coat because I like to do touch ups on my pieces. The beauty of Chalk Paint is that the color ALWAYS matches. I don’t like to mess with color too much when I am working on a client’s piece. They expect to get the color they choose and I want to do my best to give them what they want.


I painted my cabinets with two coats of Annie Sloan, then waxed with clear wax, then distressed a little and rewaxed over those areas! I have found a couple of months later, that I am seeing some very small darker stains near the knobs especially near the stove and sink area.   Any ideas what is causing it and what I can do to fix it!!   Kind of looks like water marks or maybe grease??

It very well could be grease or dirt. These sound like high traffic areas. Did you let your wax dry completely because using these areas? Like, did you let them dry for days? Just a reminder that painted furniture is still suceptable to wear and use. Just because you paint it does not mean that nothing will ever happen to it. That being said, you can sand these areas down and touch up with your paint.

I loved your youtube on you painting the table. I also tried it and was very pleased but i am concerned with the top of each piece I did. They look great but when the smallest amount of wet gets on either piece it leaves a ring spot. I was wondering if you know of another product to use just on the tops to seal them better than just Annie Sloan’s wax? 

You can always use a poly found at the hardware store. You can get a matte poly so you will not get a shine on the surface. MMS also sells hemp oil, which some find helpful, but this will need to dry for a very long time. I have many, many painted surfaces and do not get rings. I let pieces like this dry for many days to avoid any issue.


Oh please, oh please Christen, tell me the vintage circus horse is still available.  I love it so much and always have admired it in your beautiful pictures. 

I have not seen a single one since my wholesaler stopped selling them! I promise I will buy in bulk and sell if/when I see them again!!

My wax will not dry on my dining room table. The table is 33 years old and I did use Pledge on it for years. The Country Grey paint adhered just fine. I waxed it last Fall. Used minimal wax. Finger prints show. Should I sand and repaint & re-wax? The table legs and chairs are fine Pledge was not used on them. I have delayed applying the dark wax. Do you recommend sanding the table top and reworking it?
Interesting. Have you let the wax dry for days? Do you notice anything else after you painted the piece? If the paint adhered there should not be an issue. Are you using too much wax? It should be a thin coat. If finger prints are showing this is probably your issue. Take a dry cloth and really rub down your wax. Hard. Try to take some of it off and rub in the excess. If this still does not work then you may want to redo the top.
I wondered if you would give me a little advice?. I have painted my dinning table and chairs with AS chalk paint, it never seems to look nice…. messy & dirty I’ve painted it twice and waxed….do I just need to keep re painting and waxing for it to look clean? 
Did you dark wax? Is this what is giving you a “dirty” look? Did you let the piece dry before using it? See above for more tips on waxing. Maybe I will do a review on this since many people have questions.
Before applying the dark wax on top of clear wax, I assume you buff up the clear wax after it has dried ? Grateful if you could clarify this for me.
Yes! Really buff and rub your clear wax into the piece. See above.


  1. I wanted to mention a product that I wipe down furniture with before I paint. It is called Krud Kutter Gloss Off. It can be purchased at most paint stores and home improvement stores. It will remove residue from dusting sprays and will dull a glossy finish on just about any surface. I know it is not necessary to de-gloss when using Annie Sloan paint, but it doesn’t take any time to wipe down a piece for good measure. : )

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