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I personally don’t care for the distressed look, so am disappointed when I wax, and some paint comes off….and I wait 24 hours to paint….have any tips for that please ?

Chalk Paint should never just come off. Is your piece real wood or is it some type of veneer? It will never flake or peal if it is real wood that you are painting.


Can I use the AS wax over spray paint?  I have a piece I want to wizz through and will use a vintage white but thinking could I use the dark wax too?


I have been reviewing videos online about chalk painting.  I have never tried this.  I was recently given some furniture by a friend who replaced her furniture, but nothing matches.  I thought that I could perhaps unify the pieces by painting them a similar colour.  I have a buffet and hutch, a coffee and 2 end tables, and I have an existing dining set, all bar height.  All pieces are varathaned/shiny, and all are solid wood pieces.  None are antique. I am trying to move toward a soft, beach inspired palette, as we live near the ocean, and I love the look. So the questions would be:Would chalk paint achieve unifying the pieces? What colours would you suggest? Will it work on more modern pieces?Will it be durable enough?

Chalk Paint will definitely work on modern pieces as long as they are real wood. It will be durable and will not peel. It is always my go-to option because it is so easy to work with. If you are going for a beach-y, airy look consider Old White and maybe some of the blues like Duck Egg Blue.

I was wondering if you have ever worked with a leather top desk?! At first I was planning on painting the whole thing but I think I would really like to try and restore the leather to its natural beauty and keep that original to the desk. What are your opinions on that?!

Yes, I have. Most clients that bring me leather-top pieces want to maintain the leather. You must do a good job taping the edges so no paint gets on it. I clean the leather with Endust or the like to make it look shiny and new.


I am a big fan of your blog and pinterest! I was wondering where you purchased your artwork in the living room and hallway (forgive me if I’m wrong)? I have been looking for something similar for a few places in my home and I am having a hard time finding what I’m looking for. 

Celia, my MIL, painted that! She has done canvases for all her kids. I will be the first to post if she ever decides to sell them.

I have a question. If I paint a piece a darker color (yellow) and then a second coat of cream or off white, when I “distress” the piece a little, will the yellow show through? That is what I am going for.

The yellow will come through where you sand it. It will be the original wood, the yellow, and then the white. If you want more yellow to come through then lightly sand the surface so that it just takes of a bit of the white.



  1. Sandy McQyuay says:

    Can you tell me what color chalk paint you used for the shudder in the living room? It almost looks like Annie Sloan- provence. Thank you!!

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