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I’ve looked at your website, watched your tutorials, and read through your q&a’s, but I didn’t see a spot on your website where I could post my question.

You can always email me or FB me! I do a post on your Q&A’s each Wednesday. cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

I just recently painted a set of night stands with the Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint, and I wanted to know just how important is the waxing process?? I saw on one of your q&a’s that if the piece is in a hot place or in direct sunlight, that the wax could melt, and it made me kind of iffy on whether or not to wax it. I just thought that if It was in someone’s room and, just say that it’s in direct sunlight, and they have their phone, or remotes, or anything sitting on the night stand, and the wax starts to melt, then could it potentially just turn into a hassle?

Good question. I have never had a piece melt from sunlight through a window. It is only in direct, beating-down sun. It is a good idea to wax or poly just so you have a protective coating on your piece. This will help protect against scratches and wear.


Also, do you recommend always doing the clear wax and then the dark wax? Or is doing just one or the other fine?

If you are going to do both waxes then always do your clear wax and then dark. You do not want to ever do just a dark wax. It will apply very sticky and will not budge if you want to buff some off.

I am painting my indoor wicker chair with chalk paint.  Should I wax this with clear wax when it is finished?

You could, but I wouldn’t. It will not be easy to apply. If you wanted to, however, just be aware that the color will be darker where you wax and lighter where you can’t get into those crevices of the wicker.


I have a bedroom suite of my grandmother’s, which I love.  The veneer has chipped off in several places, chunks really, but I’d love to use ASCP to revitalize it.  What would you recommend as far as painting over the chipped areas?  I saved some of the veneer pieces to try and glue back on but wondered if that was necessary.  

If there are large pieces missing or peeled off I would use wood filler to fill these places. It is easy to use. Scrape it on with a putty knife, smooth it out and let dry. Then you want to go back when completely dry and sand this spot down. You will then be able to paint over it without telling the difference.

Something I don’t recall learning on the tutorial is discussion about whether or not the clear wax completely protects the (ASC paint from ever rubbing off onto clothing is someone sits on the furniture–say if heat or perspiration are a factor.  Can furniture painted and sealed with the clear wax be in direct sun indoors – under a window, etc.?  I have a bad memory of being out on a power walk one hot summer evening, and stopping to visit friends, they invited me to sit at their table to have a drink and chat.  I realized I’d begun to stick to the chair since I was hot and sweaty, and got up to discover I’d damaged the varnish on their wood chairs. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to have a painted chair and have any paint come off on me or a guest.  Does complete coverage with the clear wax protect from this?

Oh no!!! That is terrible. This could happen with clear wax if it melt on outdoor furniture used outdoors. It will not happen with Chalk Paint used outdoors without wax. If pieces are indoors and close to a window you do not need to worry about anything – paint or wax – coming off!

I would love love love to find a clock like the one you have in your picture centered between the framed music.  Can you suggest where I might find/order one? 

I bought that at Wisteria many years ago. You can find them online. Try Home Decorators.


Just wanted to ask where they sell the salon chalk paint you buy. I’m having a hard time finding where to buy them.

I buy my paints at Stylish Patina in Falls Church. She will ship paint and supplies too. You can also find a stockist in your area by looking on the Annie Sloan website.

Love your work. I am confused I see some people that use chalk paint and either seal it with wax or poly. Which is Preferred? And what’s your  experience with lint cloth to remove waxes.

I use the clear wax namely because I like that it maintains an aged, rustic look. You can use a poly, but it may give you piece a finish that looks too “new” – at least for my taste.


  1. Michelle brightmore says:

    hi Christen,
    I love the tutorials that you do, I currently live in Singapore with my husband of 26 years. You have inspired me to bring with me from the UK all the equipment I need to do my own furniture whilst I’m living here. You have made one board/lonely person really happy thank you keep posting.

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