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Hi Friends! Here are you Q&A’s for the week. Got questions? Email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

I’ve always thin down dark wax with white spirit ,have you tried it?

No, I haven’t, but I’m going to now! Does it work?

What is the name and brand of the gray paint color that is on the wall of the picture that is posted on your FB post about blue egg q&a? 

Do a search on Blue Egg Brown Nest for Wall Colors Revealed.


My problem is I have no clue what to charge for pieces. When you started how did you decide what to charge and have you ever had any problems with USHIP.  I have read good and bad reviews about it.  I know you have to factor in what you payed for something, your time and material cost but I just don’t know what is too much or not enough for a piece.  I bought an old rocking chair at a yard sale for $30.00  I refinished it in old white and it is absolutely beautiful.  I don’t know what to ask for it.  Any help you can give me on shipping and pricing will be greatly appreciated.

Read some of my posts on “Building a Business.” These should give you some more detailed information. It really depends on your area and what people are willing to spend where you area. I always recommend shopping your area to see what is out there and then experiment. If you purchase a piece then make sure you turn a profit after labor and materials.

I know you have about as much time as I do, but, would you please tell me the color you used on the marble table pictured above?

French Linen with dark wax on the entire piece.


I’m redoing several pieces using chalk powder and I’m confused about how to seal it. I’ve seen some use waxes either clear or dark and I’ve seen some use a poly on it. I don’t really know which way to go.

Also what’s your opinion  on lint cloths to take waxes off. I’ve heard that Annie Sloan waxes are very tacky. Do you have any recommendations for waxes on a budget?

I used a lint-free cloth and AS Clear Wax. I find it easier to use with a cloth vs. a wax brush.

Can you chalk paint over something that has previously been painted?  And I’m guessing no distressing because the original paint color will show through, right?

Yes, you can. If you distressed then you will see the original wood and possible the undercoats. If you do not want to see these undercoats sand with a heavy-hand or use dark wax for the aged look.

I have applied and been invited to be part of the Luckett’s spring fair for the first time, as you probably know I’m sprinting to the finish line juggling logistics, getting everything ready, etc.  I am reaching out, for you to help me with your advice for ‘first timers’ – e.g., What should be my expectations?; What are some lessons you learned? What trends have to noticed? etc.

Deep breath. If you are prepared it will go smoother – maybe not completely smooth. Weather is the biggest factor. I think you will have a good weekend, but be prepared with your walls for your texts and plenty of drop cloths and rags. Make sure everything is labeled before you get out there. Make friends with your neighbors – community is important and if you wares creep into their space they won’t be mad at you! Be friendly with shopper, but not in their face. Be willing to haggle a bit, but don’t undercut yourself – shoppers can get a little pushy in my experience. You’ve worked hard, try to enjoy the time and take loads of pix! Good luck! I will come say hi – where is your tent?


I enjoyed reading the article about you and seeing the pictures of your home in March, 2015, Southern Living (Southern Lady) magazine.  I have recently renovated my kitchen and am looking for rugs.  When I saw the two rugs in your kitchen I thought they were exactly what I am looking for.  Could you tell me where you got those?  

At the time of the article I had two jute runners from Ballard Designs. They do fray so they will only last you a few years. I replace these with Ballard’s indoor/outdoor runners and have been happy.

I love the wall color of the living room with the turquoise ottoman. I can’t find it anywhere on your page. Can you tell me what color you used?

See above.

I am confused I see some people that use chalk paint and either seal it with wax or poly. Which is Preferred? And what’s your  experience with lint cloth to remove waxes.

Check out some of my back posts and tutorials on this topic. You can use either, the finish will just be different. I prefer the wax because it goes with the rustic look. A poly would seal it “more”, but may not give you the chalky look you desire. I prefer working with a cloth. You can really buff the wax. If you want to remove it completely you will need to repaint over it or sand off.


Is there a reason you don’t use blue tape when working with glass?

You could totally use tape when working with glass. It’s a preference. Sometimes it is difficult to tape off glass without paint getting on it.

I have a question about painting and waxing kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan chalk paint clear and dark wax. How to get dark wax in the seam/groove of cabinets without making a complete mess?

Use a cloth. You will be able to get your finger into the lines of the cabinet this way.


  1. Kim Bartlett says:

    Thanks for answering my questions..
    That’s so cool !!!

  2. Hi Christen,
    I like to give our bench and dining table a wheatherwash look. I watched your video on it. My questions to you are: do I have to add the clear wax to it? Also, how long do i have to let it dry before eating on and sitting on the bench? Will the paint came off when sitting? Looking forward for you answer !!!

    Thank you,


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