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I absolutely love your pieces and I am wondering if there is anywhere I can see them in person? 

Glad you asked! I will be selling at Luckett’s at the end of September! I will post pictures and let you know when I’ve moved in! I will be on a little patch of land on the front porch to the right of the door.


I noticed the armoire in your picture looks like it has a chalk paint finish – could you share the paint that you used?

I did a really rough coat of Old White, leaving much of the wood showing. I also used Dark Wax with a heavy hand.

I’m struggling to find botanical prints (or anything vintage looking, really) that aren’t expensive.  Any place I can buy or order the prints and frame them myself?  

I totally get it. Prints are expensive! It makes me cringe spending loads of money on one print when I need lots of them and they look so simple to make. I would suggest hoping on Amazon or going to a book store and finding a large art book on botanicals or whatever subject matter you are interested in. You can also find great vintage pages on Etsy. Buy some inexpensive frames at your craft store, paint them or don’t  paint them and frame the art work. No one will know that these are not purchased from a shop. In fact, this is what the distributors do!

Image 21

I see you’re moving your business into Lucketts? I went to their page and they don’t sell Annie Sloan so will you be changing paints too?  If so will you be sharing with us how to use that paint and how to buy it as well?  We only have Annie Sloan down here in the panhandle of Florida.

Great question. Lucketts sells Amy Howard paint. I know NOTHING about this paint, but I plan on giving it a try at some point. Luckett’s does not sell Annie Sloan, I believe, because there is another stockist close by that has the account. AS does not let stockists sell too close to one another. Right now, ASCP, MMS and some spray paint are the only brands that I use.

Are you still making the hide & seek tv screens?  

Life is bananas and TV screens are amazing, but take up a lot of time. I will get back to it in the future.

I am wondering how i could achieve an aged look for my dinning table a friend made me.  She used salvaged wood for the top and I am keeping it raw but the base was made with pine.  If I paint it with old white and sand it the light ugly pine will show and I don’t want that.  Any tips on how I can get the look?  I don’t want to paint it just white and leave it cause I feel it lacks something.  

Just don’t sand the surface of the pine. You want to paint the base and sand just the base or any details. Do not sand a strip down the side of a leg because that looks just messy. Sand a bit on the foot. If you’ve done too much, just touch up.

I’m just getting in touch to see if you’re currently accepting content from guest writers?

Right now, I do not. Never say never is what I always say, so maybe in the future? Not sure.

DH and I did a project with old shutters we had in the garage. Painted them with Annie Sloan chalk paint, sanded them, used the clear wax. It just doesn’t look right to me and it needs more of something.  I think I should have painted them old white first, then used dark wax? I don’t know! I don’t want my first caulk paint project to be all wrong! 

I want you to take a moment and walk away from the project. It is hard to think when you feel frustrated and tired from a project. When you are ready, go back in a few days with a fresh eye. Do you like the color you painted the shutters? Did you sand too much? Have you tried out the piece in the setting it is going to live in? Sometimes this makes a difference. If you use Old White and then dark wax just be careful not to use too much as it can look muddy.

I’m about to chalk paint a cane dinning suit, that will be outside. (UNDER COVER ) . My question is o I need to wax?

If a piece is outside and is going to get sun, then you do not want to use your clear wax. It will melt. If it is going to be undercover then you can use your wax.

Is the vintage looking horse on green wheels that is used as a prop in some of your furniture photos for sale? Is it a reproduction?

It is a reproduction and I cannot seem to find them to sell anywhere! I know they are popular.


When watching your video about your large round table (table on its side and your sweet dog walked by the camera), I noted your lovely dining table in the back drop.  It appears to seat 8, brown wood and may be considered a farmhouse table?  Would you be willing to share where you purchased it?  I’ve searched high & low for a year for the right size, color etc (yours does not appear super shiny, that is my preference) did you paint it or is it as purchased?


Where on Earth do I buy the Annie sloan paint & chalk!? I’ve looked online but can’t find much! I’ve never really distressed anything but really want to start doing so for our own home! 

Search on her site for a stockist in your area. If you cannot find one then do a google search to find who ships AS paint. My stockist, Stylish Patina ships.

I am new to the world of chalk paint.  I just painted a dresser with amy howard chalk paint.  I used her one step chalk paint, Natural Chelsea Square. I also have the Light antique wax.  I am about to distress the piece. Is it necessary to use any other color wax, or can I sand it and then use the Light Antique Wax to get the same effect as the dark wax you used in your distressing video?

Again, I have never used Amy Howard paints. I am assuming that Antique Wax means dark wax. If so, this is optional. I use this very sparingly if at all.

Where do you buy your wooden appliqués?

I love Van Dyke’s for wood appliques and Efex makes beautiful, rubber appliques.


How do you feel about painting on pine?

I feel fine 🙂

What colors do you feel are the most marketable?


I was wondering where you purchased the small brass chicken wire you used on the doors of the chicken cabinet you painted last year.

Van Dyke’s.

Do you leave the drawers in while you paint?? 

Sometimes. Depends on the design of the piece.

Also, my dresser im going to do white. But how do you choose the color of the other pieces your going to paint?? I think that is my other area where im struggling. Obviously the theme of your style in the house helps, which mine is greys and blues. 

I will always recommend a neutral. You will not fall out of love with a light, neutral color.

Can you lead me in the right direction to find the round brushes you use? 

You can find brushes where you buy your furniture paint from your stockist. i also would recommend a Wooster brush from your hardware store.


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  1. I used Amy Howard chalk paint on a wood picture frame. Frankly, the quality does not compare to AS at all. The paint turns kind of a thick gel and even if you add water it doesn’t mix well and goes back to gel. I will never use it again.

  2. Donna Dell says:

    I use Amy Howard paint. It has worked well for me. I don’t know why Gloria had problems with the mixing . Amy is also very approachable and will stand behind her product. I have also used Annie Sloan and like it as well. Amy’s paint is half the price of AS and works just as well.

  3. Sherry Lanzino says:

    What is the beige paint color on the walls in most of the pics? I would love to paint my bedroom that color. Thank you!

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