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Here are your questions & answers from this past week. Got questions? Email me and I will post them: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

I have been using Annie Sloan ‘Coco’ paint and it seems more green to me than coco.  I had really wanted a coco color and this is just not working on the chair I am doing.  Any suggestions on what I could add? how much of another color?

Sounds to me as if you have not shaken & stirred the paint thoroughly. Coco is a beige-brown color. When storing your paint, put the cans upside down. This will ensure that all the sediments are not on the bottom of the can when you get ready to paint. They get a stirring stick and really get in there. Dig around and stir, stir, stir. If the color is still not looking like your sample Coco color or what you think it should be, then take it back to your stockist. I have heard of some batches having issues occasionally. Your stockist should be aware of this if it’s the case.

I used Paris grey and it just looks awful. I feel it doesn’t go well with the walls in my bedroom. My wall color looks very close to yours in your bedroom. Could you tell me what color or colors of ASCP you used on your headboard and Armoire in your bedroom? Is there something I can do to give it a more neutral or beige tone aside from repainting all of it? Perhaps a wash of some sort?

Well, you could white-wash your piece, but if you are going to go through all of that I would suggest just painting it over with the color that you will be happy with. Even after a white-wash you will still be able to see the Paris Grey come through and if you are not fond of the color then do not frustrate yourself even more. I did not paint my bed, but the closest color would be Old White with minimal distressing. The amoire is also Old White and it is heavily distressed.

I noticed sometimes (other bloggers/painters) they will put on a couple coats of shellac on their pieces.  Why is that?

The reason that one paints with shellac it to avoid “bleed through”. This happens with older pieces built during a certain time period. When painted the piece will literally turn a slight pink or red. You will notice this more with pieces done in the Pure & Old White. The darker colors can cover it better. If this is happening then you coat these areas in a shellac before painting. If you see other painters do this with all their pieces then maybe it is just an insurance that this bleed through will not happen. It would certainly save time in the long run.



PS – If you find that this product is still causing bleed through then try the primer. DH swears by it.


I was wondering if you can please tell me where to purchase Annie Sloan paint and products?

Do a Google search or search on Annie Sloan’s site. She has a listing of stockist in various areas. If you do not have a stockist in your area then you can totally order it from a stockist that ships online. That is how I bought my first few cans. I know that my stockist, Stylish Patina ships paint.

I am hoping that you could send all us” followers” a list of the design publications (or other) where we can follow blue egg and see all your wonderful photo shoots and accompanying articles!!

Awwww, thanks Friend. I have a press section on my site and icons of the publications that I’ve been in. I also have a few publications in the hopper set to come out this year 🙂


A few weeks ago after watching you and Annie Sloan on YouTube for FOREVER one night, I bought my first AS paint/wax.  Wow!  (Obsessed-much!)  I am about to redo a lady’s bedroom set (old dark wood) with Provence and Old White.  She wants hints of Emile on her nightstands.   I’m kind of worried that this is lots or cools with no warms?  Advice?

Okay. I had a similar job. Since she is hiring you it’s really up to you to direct her and let her know what would work. Maybe even have her show you a picture of the room these pieces will go in. Most of my clients bring along photos to show me and ask my advice. Tell her that she may get little hints when sanded down, but she may not see a ton of distinction. I also feel that the Emile is a bright color and that in the long run she may not want to live with it. I’d advise her to stick to one or two colors. If she insists, you have a choice. Do what she’s hired you to do or tell her that this is not in your comfort zone and turn down the job. Yes, I have done this. An entire bedroom set is a large undertaking and you don’t want to be cursing it the entire time you work on it.

That armoire is amazing!  Did you use Old White, or do I detect a little Old Ochre?

Old White. You can’t go wrong. It is a white, but there is so much personality to it.


My question is: when you recover your beautiful chairs and sell them on, do you protect the fabric with anything? For instance, a fire protecting spray, or a stain protection spray?

No, I don’t. When I buy furniture I assume that the fabric has not been treated and I do it myself if I choose.


How do I get more readers for my blog? It shows I have lots of hits to my blog, but never any comments. Do I upgrade to a fancy blog site that costs money? Or google + which I don’t exactly know what that is?

How long have you been writing? Do people know you yet? Are you writing about things that people care about? You have hits and that is wonderful. When people feel comfortable and if it is a subject matter that they care about or have an opinion on, they will comment. Are you posting your post on Facebook too? Is your site pretty to look at? Once you’ve been at it for a while you will want to consider having a web designer amp it up.

While I know that isn’t the best lighting (my dingy old basement), the table is horribly splotchy.  In some places, it looks like I didn’t put any wax at all (even though it feels like it), and other places you can see your fingerprint if you touch it, like there is too much wax.  That is the second coat, I’m getting ready to do a third, but I hate to go to all the work and have it turn out the same.

You should not have to do three coats of clear wax ever. Is your basement color? Damp? It may not be drying properly and therefore it is still tacky. Are you applying it correctly? Take a glob of your clear wax on a soft, lint-free rag and really press into your piece. Make sure you cover the entire piece, leaving no spots. You may even want to go back over it and really buff/press into the piece as you go.



  1. Brenda Shields says:

    I really enjoy your tutorials. All the activity of your family makes it so real. When will you be doing another one? Your work is beautiful.

  2. Susan Bonne says:

    I really like your armoire too. In the picture above, what color did you use for the two end tables. My sister and I are trying to come up with colors for her family room and I think she would like this color combo.

  3. Junell Showers says:

    Your q&a’s are so helpful ~ thanks for your advice. I love your blog!

  4. Christen–Thanks so much for your willingness to take the time to answer questions for your followers! I have a lot of questions!
    1. I recently bought a 9 drawer solid wood (?)French Provencial style dresser for the purpose of re-sale. It is in very good condition with just a few scratches on top. My original plan was to paint the body graphite leaving the wood trim around the drawers and staining the top a dark walnut. This is not the first time that has happened to me, in fact the last couple of pieces I have done I have run into the same situation. When I started stripping the top I discovered that it was not real wood but seems to be some kind of composit material. There is a wood grain effect but it does not sand like wood and does not appear to take the stain either. I have ended up just painting the top which looks ok but it was not the look I was going for. Have you ever run into this?

    2. I have two solid wood stained double front exterior doors on my house. There is very little over-hang to protect them from the elements–rain, hot Florida sun, etc…. I was thinking about painting them with ASCP (w/o waxing) but I am not sure if that would mean more maintenance. What do you think?
    Thanks again! You are the best!

  5. hello! Lets say you have an ASCP, piece and the person loves the style of the furniture, but not the color. Would you change the color for them if they asked, and what would you charge to do so? I have a space at an antiques shop, and I have heard customers say they love certain pieces in the shop, buy said piece, and then say they are going to have said piece repainted. Im curious, because if I’m ever asked to repaint one of my pieces I’d like to know what a fare price is to charge to repaint the piece.


  6. BIN is excellent!

  7. I discovered your blog about a week ago, and love it. Thank you for sharing all of your tip & hints. I am going to buy my first can of Annie Slone paint today and can’t wait to get started.
    Amy in San Antonio

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