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Hi! Here are the Q&A’s. Got questions? Email me cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

Do I need to clear wax before I use dark wax?

Yes, If you do not use clear wax before the dark wax when you go to apply the dark wax it will not go on smoothly. It will almost “skid” on and you will not get the look you want. It will also be difficult to rub off if you are not happy with it.

Can you please tell me where to go on the internet to get your tutorials.  Is it utube ?

Yes! All of my tutorials are on my You Tube Channel, Blue Egg Brown Nest. Here is a link:


I’m wondering if you can tell me the color on the wall in the first photo of the staircase?

All did a week long post on all my wall colors. Do a search on my site. They are all Ben Moore.

I plan to paint all of my cabinets, but before I do I would like to know what you would use to seal the paint. Would you consider using poly? I noticed when something spills down the cabinet on my island, if I don’t see it right away to wipe it clean, it will stain. I noticed there’s a grease spill also that will not come out. I’m just a little worried about not having enough protection when I paint the entire kitchen cabinets. Could you please give me your advice? 

You can either clear wax your cabinets or use a poly that does not have too much shine to coat.


I have a wood dining room table with a glass top that has cane chairs.. because of the glass top I am not sure if chalk painting the rest of the table would look GoOr, do you have any suggestions as what colors I can update the table with to update this?

If you like the look of Chalk Paint then it is a great option for dated furniture. I have painted coffee tables with glass tops and it is a great look.

Question…I get that you use dark wax only on the nooks and crannies…distressed areas right?

Yes. I also use it on sanded edges if I want these areas to look a bit more aged.

It looks like there is wax on the headboard here..or no?  Or is it just where u sanded a little?  I know you say it will look muddy if you do it all over.

It is actually a mirror and there is clear & dark wax here. I sad a bit of the edges and then do the waxing process.


I may be using coco and maybe old white over it AS paint on a coffee table below.  Any suggestions? One side has drawers and other the panels.  Maybe I don’t even need coco with the brown stain already there?….I don’t know!!! Yikes. Here is pic of my rug too.

Question: If I do not sand the paint and just apply the wax to the paint I get a blotchy looking finish. Any suggestion on how to get a smooth looking finish on painted items that are not sanded but waxed.

When you clear wax you really want to push the wax into the piece as well as cover the entire piece. I now like to apply with a soft, link-free rag. Survey your work when you think you are done. You will always need to go back to cover missing spots. The more you buff the smoother the piece will get.

Where can I purchase olive buckets??

I have seen them in Antique Farmhouse the past few years. There is a vendor on Luckett’s that also sells them when he finds them. I think I’ve even seen vintage ones sold on Ballard Design’s site.


My question, being a new comer to all this….what is your suggestion of things to purchase right off the bat? I have a cute little wooden desk currently in my sights (painted some god awful pinkish-red) that is destined to be in my office done in chalk paint.  I tend to lean towards the Graphite; Louis Blue and Orchave White….thinking clear wax would work on all 3 of those colors.

Pick a color you are drawn to – and one that you can live with. You will also need a brush, clear wax, a rag and sand paper. This will get you started. You do not need to do the dark wax if you are just starting out and want to practice.

Im looking to purchase on and was just wondering if you had a brand that you would recommend at a reasonable cost?

After a piece of furniture is painted and then waxed, will it have to be waxed over and over to preserve the piece the way you want it to look?

Like any piece of furniture it will wear. If you use it hard you may want to go back in several years and touch up and rewax. But, you really should not have to worry about this for a while. Enjoy and use your furniture.


What about kitchen cabinets, will the chalk paint stand up to that wear? 

It will stand up just like a piece of furniture will. Chalk Paint does not scratch or flake off real wood.

Did you have trouble with any bleed through with the knotty pine? If so, how did you deal with it?

No, I have never had a problem.

Did you wax the inside? Why or why not?

I wax the any shelving inside where you will slide dishes back and forth.


I am painting a hutch in primer red. I have put to coats on and started to distress. It’s not loving the sandpaper. This color seems to be different than other colors I have used in the past. Not sure what to do and if you have had any experience with this.

Did you spray paint the hardware as it looks like it has a bronze finish now and before it looked stainless?

No, my client bought it this way. I have spray painted hardware before, however. They make many wonderful spray paints for metal. Try an oil-rubbed bronze for this look.

Did you use French Linen on the outside?


I was just wondering what you would charge for a piece similar to the console you showed in today’s email.

I’m not comfortable with posting specific prices for a few reasons. It feels a bit rude to my client. I also think it’s not really helpful because it really depending of you market.

PS – Happy birthday to the love of my life.







  1. What colors did you use on the bombay chest in your interior picture?

  2. Hi Christen,

    Welcome back! Missed your posts and am happy for you (and us 😉 ) that you are back in ‘the swing of things’!

    I was wondering if you have ever painted fabric. If you have, do you recommend using a fabric solution mixed through the chalk paint?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


    PS Belated happy birthday to your gorgeous little one!

  3. Hi!

    I think the answer to the question about primer red was left off. I have the same problem with that color. It just doesn’t want to be sanded! Any ideas? Thanks for all the great answers!


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