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Hi Guys! Here are your Q&A’s. Got questions? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

Could you tell me how to get the chalk paint to adhere to furniture with high gloss?

Is it new furniture with a high gloss? Is it laminent? If so, it will not adhere. It will sponge on the surface and wipe right off. This is the one problem I’ve encountered. If it is real wood and has a high glass, no problem. Just do several coats.

My question is what is the best way to wax a pc of cane furniture that I have painted with ASCP. Do I just wax it like you normally would or is there a trick to doing it without clumping it?

I find that using a lint-free cloth is easiest on cane. You will want to use wax sparingly. You will see where you’ve missed places by the color difference (the dark area will be the ones waxed).


I believe you turned us on to NEST candles.  I have been looking for them everywhere and finally found a TON of them at my Nordstrom in Naples, FL.  IF you were the one who posted it as one of your favorite things…what was the scent you were recommending? There were a ton there but you mentioned a certain scent that you liked.  

Yes, it was me! My very favorite is Moss & Mint. Amazing scent that literally smells up the entire room. Ahhh.

How do you chalk paint with more than more color. So if you want to have a base color say white and then you want a turquoise, red and maybe even yellow. How would you do that?  Or would it even look right?  

Yes, you can totally do this. It will give you a more layered, possibly rustic look. If you sand/distress you will see the underneath colors so be aware of that. If you want the undercolor to show through then think about applying your top coat lightly. Layering colors will involve some play until you get a look that you like. Have fun!

Do you know how to lime wash. My study has dark paneling and I would like to lime wash or chalk paint. I love your blog! 

I don’t know what lime washing is. Is it like white washing? If so, then yes.

I’m looking @ your site & admiring the Adirondack chairs you painted the Duck Egg Blue . Your house is in the background & the colors are beautiful with that blue. Would you please share the colors of the exterior of your house , wall and trim. 

It is a Ben Moore stain. Not sure of the color right now.


My first piece is a mirror that I painted with Old Violet.  The paint went on beautifully; the problem is the wax.  I used a clean white t-shirt and carefully waxed in one direction like I observed on your tutorials.   I let the mirror dry for 12 hours and then I buffed.  Ugh.  The surface is very streaky and blotchy.  My guess is that I did not put on enough wax.  Is there a way to save the wax job without starting all over with a new coat of paint?

You probably did not buff enough. Go back and put more clear wax on it and buff. Don’t give up!

I saw this on your site and was wondering do you come across these very often? (horse)

I did, but they are no longer being sold! I promise I continue to look for them.

I’m thinking about a summer project of painting my kitchen cabinet.  My cousin suggested your blog and the Ann Sloan paint.  My cabinets are about 27 years old but I don’t have the budget to replace or resurface them, hence the idea of painting them.  Would the Ann Sloan paint work for this type of project?  Would I need to sand them?  

Absolutely you should try this first. You do not need to sand or prep your cabinets. Just start it like a normal cabinet/dresser. Try a sample area to make sure you like the color.


Do you typically disstress cabinetry or do you just paint it…would you consider doing a short video on this process.

Yes, I always distress. Check out my Blue Egg Brown Nest You Tube Channel.

What product can be used to eliminate sticking drawers on vintage dressers and chest….trying to avoid standing the drawer.

You could sand down your drawers if there is some type of residue or if the wood has swelled. Or if they are just sticky there is a nylon tape that you can find at any hardware store and apply  to eliminate this issue.

I have just recently opened a small business in my Mother’s consignment shop.  I have a 9 x 12 area. I sold one piece the first week!  It was a low boy dresser done in AS Duck Egg Blue and the top was done in GF Java Gel.  So exciting!  I want to do some advertising but am not sure how to go about it.  Should I create a FB page?  I have also heard of a site called “Offerup”.  What do u think is the best and safest way to go about it?

I would totally start a Facebook site, website and get some business cards. Check out my Building a Business series on my site.

Also, don’t forget my dad’s Studio Show this weekend!



  1. Kim Bartlett says:

    How to clean furniture that has ASAP ?

  2. Kim Bartlett says:

    How to clean furniture that has ASCP ?

  3. ElAine Hardin says:

    two questions

    How do you paint furniture with laminated tops?

    How would you go about painting a family room with knotty pine paneling?
    Or could I white wash? If so, how would you go about it?

  4. Again great tips. Good Luck this weekend Dad. I wish I was closer.

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