Budget Holiday Window Wreaths

I feel like every store is selling an array of the same holiday decor. It’s hard to sift through the good stuff, the bad stuff, the expensive stuff, and the budget stuff. As a girl on a budget this year, I’ve been hunting out items that look good, but don’t cost a ridiculous amount. A good example of this was the holiday wreaths that I wanted to put on the windows of my home this year. It’s such a cozy, New England type of style like the Pinterest image below.

$8 wreaths at Michaels! Sometimes on sale for $4!
Velvet Ribbons via Amazon found here. I just cut the bottom to make it look at tad more fancy.
These metal command strips are my best friends during holiday decorating. 
I think they look pretty good for about $10 a wreath. I’m satisfied. 
PS – I made a FB Group Page if you’d like to share your home decor! xo

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