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My DT (Dear Therapist) is a very wise woman and reminded me that everything changes. Just like the world outside of your door. Something that you do or say now is never permanent. It is never etched in stone and can and will always change. What you say, what you believe, what you do, what your goals are, what you spend your money on, what you love, what you hate – it will all change. The things you love, you work on so you can keep loving them. The things you believe will be tested and we lean into the challenge if we continue to want to believe.

Does that resonate with you like it did me?

This goes for everything in you life. Family, children, marriages, jobs, friends, your body, your mind – and your creative business.

I think it takes constantly evaluating what you want for yourself. I am in a very happy place with Blue Egg Brown Nest. It took me years to figure out how to say no and how to balance my work. It took me experimenting and trying out what worked for me. There were some winters where I had pieces literally all over my house and was working every single minute that my kids let me. That sounds crazy to me now. It got to the point where I did not know if I wanted to continue on. It was not until I really made some changes and created boundaries that worked for me that I discovered how to be happy and have balance with work and family and friends.

Work ebbs and flows, but I love it so much that I can see working until I’m old and grey. It feels like a luxury because I have found what works. There are times when things are not busy and there are times when I have a backlog. I think I have grown comfortable with the flow of business.

I think in life and business we have to accept that nothing stays stagnate. I think we are able to be happier and more successful when we bend with the inevitable change.


Life moves in waves and we move with it like in water. We are not stagnent.


  1. Thank you for these words today , I have followed your blog for many years , and never commented (sorry!) you are amazing and so inspiring. I too have had a lot of changes and this post calmed my fear. Much love xoxo Becky

  2. I agree and wish I had come to some business decisions earlier. And I admit I’m stuck in some places. Like starting a blog, cleaning my supply room and creating a new spreadsheet of items for sale in my etsy shop. But I did accomplish one thing. I make specific shipping days and am sticking to it. It has worked out great. But it took me over 2 years.
    So time wise starting a blog should be happening any day now. Or maybe the spreadsheet?
    Barbara Ann
    etsy.com /shop/barbaraannscreations

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