…building a business: curiousity

Does this guy look familiar?


His name is Brian Grazer and he is a super famous movie producer. He just came out with a book called, The Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. I watched an interview with him and Oprah and found myself totally relating to the intense urge of curiosity.

I cannot help it sometimes. I am super curious. I want to know about people and what makes them what they are. I want to understand how to do things and why they work. I want to figure out a way around a problem and I want to relate on a deeper level. If you’ve met me in person you know that I tend to ask questions. Maybe it’s because I used to work for a newspaper, but it’s mostly because I really want to know. I want to know how YOU work. DH is the exact same way as me with his own sense of curiosity.

I think it’s so easy to say that things are just the way they are. But, what makes them so? How did we all get to this point? How does my anxiety propel me forward? How did my panic attacks shape me to be the mother I am today? How did being shy and scared make me a better wife?

Very curious.

Curiosity has so much to do with how I ended up starting Blue Egg Brown Nest and why I am still working at it. I wanted to know how to paint furniture to get a certain look and I tried and tried until I figured it out. I wanted to see what it was like to work and meet other people. I wanted to connect with readers. I always want to write more.

I think in order to stay current & relevant, you need to be curious. You cannot just make the excuse that things need to stay the same. The reality is that nothing stays the same. Not nature and not us. If we have a curiosity about ourselves and the world we live in then, I think, we can live more harmoniously.

Are you feeling stagnant in your business or your personal life? Do you feel like you’ve just labeled people around you, written them off? Maybe it’s because you don’t know what makes them work. Maybe you haven’t dove deeper. Wondering what steps will make you more successful? Have you soaked up everything there is to know about your craft? Have you asked a ton of questions and done your homework? Have you sat with yourself to discover what you really like and what style is just not you? Are you pursuing the person you want to be?

Be more curious.


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