…building a business: do what you know

I really, really do believe that we cannot reach our greatest potential if we are not being truly ourselves. That may mean that you are a bit wacky or a bit slow or a big awkward in groups or quiet or way too loud or wear too much make-up.

But, if you are doing You and harnessing You then I believe you can be truly successful on your path. I don’t need to be around people that are just like me. In fact, I enjoy people the most when they are being themselves – dressing the way they want, talking the way they want, having opinions that are their own. I love people that own themselves.

This goes for your business too. Do what you know. If you see someone out there that is successful at what they are doing it does not mean that you should do the same thing. It means you need to find out what your own path is. You will know it when you want to spend all your time doing it. You will know it when you are reaching farther and not worrying about the competition.

My very special example of this is about my oldest daughter, Greta. She is a girl after my own heart and sometimes I feel like I am interacting with a younger version of myself. I paint, write and meet with clients every week and she watches my every move. She knows that I don’t allow her to paint on clients pieces – we had that conversation a few years ago. So, instead she sought out something that she could do; something very clever that she was able to herself. She started looming on her pencils.


For those of you that don’t have small children and therefore don’t know what Rainbow Looms are here’s a look:


You take these little rubber circles and make braclets and necklaces on a loom. Greta decided that she wanted to make lots of them and needed more pencils. We went to CVS.


They were turning out so well, we discussed selling them.


I suggested 25 cents, but after she finished her fifth one she said to me, “Mom, these take a long time to make, I’d like to charge a dollar.” Boom. I didn’t even have to teach time-spent.


Together we came up with the name Rainbow Writers and plan on selling them to all our friends, neighbors and cousins (Cousins, get your dollars out!)

I did not teach her a craft. I did not teach her to come up with a business plan or a value or a business name. It came from her very own rainbow-ish spirit. She is doing Greta and in turn doing it very well.




  1. Aww how cute a story is that! Tell her that her pencils are wonderful and I like how the looming is where you hold the pencil for easier writing and pretty too! Smart mom, smart daughter!

  2. Love, love this story. Great modeling, mom. Go Greta!!

  3. That is awesome!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement to be ourselves. It can be intimidating watching other people in their creativity – it can keep one from exploring their own. I’m learning that the more I risk, the more I find out I can do – but often I let others’ work tell me I can’t do it instead of letting it inspire me to do!

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