…building a business: feeling a little green?

Jealousy. I totally get it. We are human and we have human bits to us that we are told to fight against. But, I can’t help but think we need to normalize some of these dark bits and bring them into the light. We all have the very same ones, don’t we? Jealous, envy, anger, bitterness, sadness, unworthiness, etc. Shaming ourselves from feeling them or having someone else shake a finger at us and say “No!” to them, well, it doesn’t work. It just makes us feel like there is something wrong with us for feeling these things. Jesus didn’t feel these things while here because of the whole Son of God thing, but he certainly hung out with people that felt them. Hung out and loved on them, encouraged them with love. Ahhh, what a perfect way to deal with these parts of ourselves. Love.

If you are doing something creative, then there are people all around you that are doing it too or have done it in the past or will do it in the future. They may be doing it better than you. They may have more money than you to accomplish more. They may have more space. They may have more time. They may have more help. They may have more ideas. They may have more support.

If someone else’s success is making you feel suffocated, take a few days off from looking at what they are doing. Then go back and try to learn something. Everyone’s process is different. Everyone has something different to give. We can work towards a goal made for ourselves. The goal should not be to catch up with the other person you are envying. It should be to create the best you can create.

It’s hard and can feel unfair. Have your moment of stomping your feet and throwing a few pillows around. Then refocus. It’s not about THEM. It’s about YOU. How do you look at the details of your craft? How can you do it a bit differently? If someone else is using a technique you like and they share it – great!

John Lennon ... one video shows him smoking marijuana.

John Lennon said, “Medicore artists borrow, great artists steal.” JOHN LENNON SAID THIS. One of the worlds most amazing song writers EVER. I’d like to think that he meant that artist steal ideas and motivation by breathing them in and learning from them, not simply having them scratch the surface. It’s kind of like how the color of a very special egg and a nest can inspire me.




  1. The Lord knew that I needed this today…. Thank you!!!

  2. How very true!

  3. It sounds like it is all coming from your own experience. And I think we all have similar ones. At least I do. It is very hard not to compare yourself with other people in the same field, especially if one is just a beginner(like myself) and other one is a profesional (that would be you Christen!) and do the right thing. Great post like always!

  4. ashlee newton says:

    you are so right on!Comparison is the thief of Joy!Thank you for always inspiring and encouraging others. You are such a blessing:)

  5. I have been guilty of this in the past and it only caused me to be miserable. I was overwhelmed and discouraged because I was focusing on the success of others and wondering why our business wasn’t growing. I decided to take some time off, regroup and redirect the focus of our business. It is very easy to get caught up in jealousy or envy. However, I am finding that being supportive is far greater than being jealous. Thanks again for your honesty and your words of encouragement.

  6. Dayanara says:

    … but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. Corinthians 10.
    Lots of truth in your post, Christen. If we would all just practice it, we would be free to sincerely praise and be happy for others and free to accept and use our God given gifts to the max!
    Btw, thanks for sharing your talents with us. 😉

  7. Inspiring honest post. Thanks! There is a book about this exact topic called “Steal like an Artist.” It’s on my list to read. It’s about the idea that most creativity is actually re-mixing and re-imagining to make something our own. I also love the phrase “envy is a call to action!”

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