…building a business: good news

I have really, really great news for YOU. Whatever you are going through right now – however hard & tiring & frustrating & loathsome & heartbreaking it is. It is going to HELP you. That’s right. Help you. In the future. Bam.


Every single one of us is going through something right now. I think of my family & circle of friends and how each one of us is climbing a different mountain, some bigger and steeper than others, but all uphill.

Most of these trials seem like they will never end and if they do we really don’t know how the will resolve. When I was struggling with infertility for three very long & horrible years I knew it was going to end but I did not know how or what I was going to be left with once I reached the end of the dark, scary forest. Trials end and we are changed by them. When we are in them we have to stretch and grow parts of us that we didn’t know could grow and change. It’s not comfortable and sometime it just down right hurts. Ouch. We would never choose to go through struggle, but would we choose to become different & better people if we could? Is this the price of change & being enlightened? Is it worth the suffering? Most of my friends going through trials would say, yes, it is worth the storm.

Your pain is your education.

I think the most powerful testimonies are from individuals that have really gone through the fire. I think it’s the same with having your own business. Where did you come from and what did you go through to get to where you are now? What is your story of trial? None of us woke up with a great idea, money and motivation. We had to go through things and test out different roads before landing where we are.

Blue Egg Brown Nest is freedom for me. It is wings and air and sky. It is breaking out from isolation and pain and moving forward. It is new. It is flight.


If you are in a hard place right now, if your resources are drying up and your faith is waning, rejoice. This is the price of your education. This is tuition. What you will be left with when the grey clouds part is a sense of release & freedom. You will have a story and you will use this narrative to do something bold & beautiful with your business and with yourself. When the pain is too great know two things 1)This will end 2)This is what will launch you into more of yourself and the more you are the more you can share and give.

Bless YOU today.



  1. Betty in Arlington says:

    Thank you for helping me deface the day, pray for those who are ill, and remember our blessings! Hope you are stronger and pain-free!

  2. Kristen, that is BEAUTIFULLY written and JUST what I needed today!! Thank you.

  3. This was the first post that I came to today and it hit home for me. I prayed this morning that God would give me direction on what I need to do and where I need to go in our side business. Sometimes with our side business and our blog, I feel that I am trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I feel like I am trying to make it work when it may not be the direction that I am to go in. It can be discouraging at times because of the love and passion that I have yet not seeing any growth. I constantly ask myself do I need to continue or walk away. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post. Have a blessed day.

  4. Wow, you really spoke to me today. When you said “Blue Egg Brown Nest is freedom for me…” you took the words out of my mouth! I said something very similar in the “About” portion of my blog. It is so inspirational to read your post and to know that we are walking on similar paths. Thank you for this inspirational message…I hope many, many people read it 🙂

  5. Adrian Schuh says:

    So beautifully written. Not only has your painting style with ASCP inspired me but also your words. Thank you so much for being you!

  6. This is awesome. You know exactly how it is. I too have been through the fire. My advice to those who are struggling – be still and remember – remember – all that you are learning. You might not realize it all until the hard times pass. It is such a joyful time when you get to the other side and see the light. I love to grow in spirit and strength. But remember all that God has revealed to you to be true through it all.

  7. Ann Howell says:

    Like one Scottish friend of mine said, “Experience gains muscle in the next situation.”
    I like that.

  8. That was beautiful Christen. Thank you! 🙂

  9. I love your blog and have followed for a few months. This post felt very real to me and I completely understood your line about the dark dark infertility journey. We had five years and seven ivf cycles to get our son, it was truly a hard and heartbreaking time. We are so lucky to have the outcome we have. Xx

  10. This was for me. You have no idea, neither do I have the time to tell you, but bless you for this! What a gift from God. And bless you too, dear lady, as you heal and grow.
    All the Best!

  11. Beautifully said! We all have something. When we are under fire we know He is refining us. Blessings in your business and your healing.

  12. Robin Foutch says:

    I have been following your blog for about a year but never commented. This post really touched me – I know exactly what you mean – our trials make us who we are. We would never choose them but if we can turn to God in them he always makes us so much stronger in the end!! If we put our hope and faith in him we can have joy no matter what our circumstance. I know this – I have earned this knowledge. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart in this post.


  13. Sadie Burton says:

    Hi Christen,

    I have followed you for a wee while and you have seriously changed my life… I paint full time now thanks to you – not an easy task as my husband is re-building his ’empire,’ I am loyal to AS only…I have never felt compelled to ‘speak my mind,’ but after your post today, I have to say you have a special way of connecting with people in a lovely, non-pretentious way…. I was just having this conversation with my husband tonight that ‘everybody has a story, trials and tribulations…’ It is what moulds us into the people we will become and hopefully, we are with the right person to continue the journey with… I know I am, and that is a lovely thought… You really amaze me with your words…. I always thought Americans talked a lot of ‘poop’ (hey I travelled to LA a lot for work!!) but your words transport me back to another time and another place…. You have worked hard – that is evident, and deserve everything that is coming your way… I just want you to know, you have changed my life, and no doubt many others… I don’t go to church, but you definitely have a ticket to heaven!!

    Your biggest fan in Perth, Australia,

    Sadie xoxo

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