…building a business: growth

Let me first say that if you are encountering this challenge congratulations. You have worked really, really, really hard and things are taking off. Of course, with the good comes the hard. Growth in your business is a bit like a fork in the road. Maybe you started your business for the joy of creating (I hope you did!) or to make a bit of money or as a bit of therapy – or all of the above.


Now, you’ve esatablished a brand; a name for yourself, items are selling fast & you are getting new opportunities. In the beginning when your business was a pipe dream you would have killed for the recognition and the offers. If they have arrived then you have some big decisions to make that will literally change you quality of life.


You will gain and you will lose.

You will gain business, respect, recognition, sales, and more exciting opportunities.

You will lose time. Most importantly time with your family. Need I say more? I know many of us on this adventure have families and many more of us are mothers. If you focus on your business those hours are not focused on your kids. I realize it’s a different ball game if they are older and a bit more self sufficient. Or is it?


(Her angel wings were a gift from Miss Mustard Seed – thanks again, Marian!)

If you’ve started and own your own business it means you are pretty ambitions, a dreamer & maybe even a bit competitive truth be told. But what happens when your creative energy needs to turn into hiring employees, managing and purchasing larger supplies? This can all be done, but at what cost to you?


I don’t know. It’s a big decision to make when it arrives. I am up for a bit of risk and experiementation. But, I hate the feeling of letting anyone down – my new venture, myself &  my tiny kids. I prayed for wisdom and I got it. And what is even better than wisdom? The peace that comes with making the right choice.



  1. Great post. Always wise to keep things in perspective. We have many antique/vintage shops here in Orange County, CA. The “Old Town” section (or as we call it: The Circle) is where they are located. I have to say no to renting a space because I have kids (older, but still need me), to take care of. Also horses, chickens, etc… so for now, no business for me! I do dream about it, though! Maybe one day! I can still have one vicariously through yours!


  2. Congratulations, and best wishes for success as you move forward. With a good support network, the sky’s the limit.
    As I was soaking, laundering, pressing & pricing vintage linens this past weekend for our booth space, I asked myself why in the world we do the crazy things we do, but I already knew the answers – many of which you’ve expressed in this great post. But the bottom line is, we love what we’re doing. Until that premise changes, I think you’ll be amazed at how your capacity seems to be boundless in achieving good things. Best of luck to you, and I hope to get to Luckett’s to meet & shop your space sometime in the near future!

  3. Janice @ Semper Stylish says:

    C- You are very talented and creative and your head is in the right place. We only have one shot at our lives. Opportunities will always be there for you. Glad to read that you are able to make the decisions that keep you and your family happy.

    Semper Stylish

    • christen says:

      thanks, janice. i really appreciate the encouragement. it was a big & great opportunity, but just couldn’t do it with my kids and feel good about it.

  4. Hi Christen,

    After reading Janice’s post, and then rereading yours, I think I understand what the decision was, (I hope). If it meant really working your business to the detriment of your family, and you chose family, then you are to be respected and admired. I have always told myself that having a super clean house, being a super great swim coach, RN, or whatever else I have ever done, is nothing compared to time with my children. They grow up so fast and then you are left wondering where the time went. As Janice said, there will always be great opportunities out there. Good for you and I will be praying for the Bensten family!


  5. linda strickler says:

    I admire you thinking of family, but let me share something with you. As a mother of two grown children and now three grandchildren. I think it is so important to be there for your family, but please cut a peice of life for yourself. I believe in the long run you are a better person. And you will spend the time with your children in a very special way. I hate to say this but you do blink and they are grown, but don’t lose your passion for your creative outlet.

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