…building a business: hiring

There comes a point in a small business where you have to choose how big you want to grow and how hard you want to work. It’s really not as easy as it sounds especially if you are in the same boat as I am and are a mom first.


If your business is really blowing up and you find yourself working every minute of every day then it’s probably time to hire someone.

Hopefully, if you are working this hard you are also making money at what you are doing. (If not, it’s time to slow down a bit and be patient until you do some selling. Just trying to be honest.) You then have the funds to allocate to some help.


Maybe this means hiring a babysitter a few days a week to watch the kids so you can work. Maybe this means hiring someone that you can train to help you. Maybe this means hiring someone to help you move or stock your wares. Maybe this means hiring a sales clerk if you have a brick & mortar presence.

If you are ready to hire someone, it means you are all in and giving this business  a real try. You will be producing more, you will hopefully be selling more and so the cycle goes.


I, personally, have come to this fork in the road many times and continue to. I try to be a good observer of those that have gone before – those that are the friends that I’ve made in this business & people that I admire & respect. How are they doing at their go of it? Does my life look like theirs? Could I make that work? I have been very blessed to have been offered some amazing & wonderful opportunities. Yes, I could have hired a few people. Yes, I could have been a part of a shop or a barn or Lucketts or Chartreuse or Stylish Patina’s barn. Yes, I could have said yes to more projects; more jobs; more people; more furniture; more sales. Do I say yes because I’ve been given a choice? Or do I say no or not right now because I’m paying respect to what I feel is right and true. Thanks for letting me process 🙂


I love that as adults we get to make these choices for ourselves. If more is your “Yes” then congrats & much luck to you. If “No” is your yes at the moment then feel good about getting to make the choice.




  1. I find that prayer for discernment helps me. We know that God wants us to be Mothers first but he also opens and closes doors according to His plans for us. Thanks for sharing your processing. I think as mothers we often need help finding balance.

  2. It’s tuff with young children but I believe you can find balance. My kids have left the nest years ago. I’ve been lucky I’m an Auctioneer and I also do shows and markets with my painted furniture. I pick what I can do and when I can do it. I have two cargo trailers that I could not live without. Saves money on renting something to haul your stuff with. I have my buyers help out with delivery. Such as a small discount if they are able to pick there purchases up or someone to help out when I make there delivery. I plan my painting days and work like crazy on may items at once and pack as much as I can alone and only ask for help with the large stuff. If I need help I’ll just pay for the help needed. I don’t know your life but I believe you can find a way to work “Smarter Not Harder”

  3. Great incite, and I also appreciate the above comment. Ironically, I just drafted a very similar post for my blog last night which I will put up at the end of the month. Seems we have some commonalities both personally and professionally. Whenever I’m able to check in with your blog, I find your words comforting and relevant. Thank you for putting your honest self out there and opening your experience up for others to learn from.

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