…building a business: imperfections

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get perfect materials. I think about furniture, fabric, and the gem stones my dad works with. Sometimes there are imperfections.

I primarily refinish vintage furniture and there are always these “imperfections”. Sometimes they are gorgous like a huge wood knot in the middle of a wood table. Other times, these details need a little attention.


I think you then have to have an attitude towards it. You are either going to throw your hands up and say, “I won’t work with this!” Or you can embrace it. I tend to look at these areas like, “It is what it is. Let’s make it work.”

My DH is my handy-man and furniture repairer. Old furniture sometimes needs a little bit of care. I have gotten to the point where I always think, “Oh yea, we can fix this.” DH asseses the situation and usually says, “No problem.” I love that. Good team work.


Just to clarify, I always buy & sell pieces in excellent condition. I try to never buy a piece that is poor shape. I’m mostly talking about scratches and wiggly legs. Things that have happened from wear and not a beating to a piece. You know?

Working with vintage and antique items, I have grown to love these little indiscrepencies. They add charm in a world filled with Pottery Barn dressers.

I never want to convince anyone to love the dents and rubs like I do. Some people like new. I get that. But, if you can appreciate the old or imperfect, you are bringing your own taste and style to the party – you are not buying someone else’s taste.


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