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There is nothing wrong with wanting more. More business, more space, more money, more experience, more press, more credibility. I think God wants more for us too, actually.


I think we are often taught growing up that wanting and wanting more than we have is bratty and self-indulgent. It can sometimes sound selfish in my own ears, actually. But, doesn’t God say he wants more for us than we can even imagine? Then, isn’t it our job to ask for more? Try for more?

I’m not talking about sitting on the couch and complaining that nothing is going your way. Eww. I find this kind of attitude really frustrating. In fact, I kind of hate it. Yes, I hate it. I am totally with Elvis when he said, “A little less conversation, a little more action.” If you are frustrated with a situation, then DO something about it.


Put those ideas and discomfort into action.

I’m talking about pushing ourselves, putting ourselves out there, pouring money into a new endeavor, and trying. If you are willing to just try, you are to be commended for that. If you are willing to pray for something bigger than yourself; bigger than you could ever imagine for your business, then be brave enough to say it and work on it. Work on it until it happens. Pray about it until something budges.

I want big things for Blue Egg Brown Nest. I never thought my little idea would be a big as it has gotten. I think it is a beautiful gift, wrapped up in a bow from God to me. It feels like redemption. It feels like I am being seen for the first time in my life.


But, I want more. I don’t always have the energy to push myself – paint, write daily, market, and sell. It takes a lot. Then I pray for more and I find a little idea buried deep inside my brain that all of a sudden has a little ray of light on it. I can see it. How can I grab it and bring it into the sun? I pray for more.


  1. Great post!! I needed this inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Lovely! Wonderful! It´s okay to want more and work for it. Where would mankind be today without that? 🙂

    Do I read between the lines that there is new idea growing in your creative mind? 😉
    Whatever comes to your mind, give it room to grow. It sure will be gorgeous. 🙂

  3. A business (or anything done with love) & built on prayer/trust in the Lord is built on a strong foundation.

  4. Its amazing that when you are just cruising along, out of nowhere comes that spark of a new idea. It galvanised you into action, snowballs into so many different ideas, then sends you in a slightly different direction. Reinspired to push forward and upward.

  5. Amen!

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