…building a business: never say never

I think something that has helped me in my creative business endeavors is an attitude of never say never. It is much easier to see the world in black and white, isn’t it?

Like, I believe in this, I do not believe in that.

The world is supposed to work like this and if it doesn’t then I will dig my heels in and be cranky about it.

People should behave this way and if they don’t I will shame them or withhold until they change.

I think this limited attitude with strict ideas makes us feel more safe. Or tries to make us safe. But, what in this world stays the same? Is so concrete? Certainly not nature – the ocean, the trees, the wind, the clouds. What can those teach us about life and God?


The world is much more grey.

I think if we do not put constraints on ourselves we will be more open to what naturally comes our way. When I first started out, I thought to myself, I definitely want to open up a retail shop. I also thought, I am way to timid to paint other people’s furniture, I will never refinish as part of my business. Things change. Life changes. Home changes. Our minds change.

And that is just fine.

Be compassionate towards yourself. Don’t put borders on your potential by saying things are black and white. I think if we are open then we can more easily bend to wonderful things coming our way as well as things that we may need to turn down. I have turned down many opportunities since starting my business. I used to think I would jump at the chance. Thank goodness some inner voice told me that I was worth taking some time to consider what I really wanted.

This same attitude lets me consider what is to come. I am not sure if I will ever want to have a shop. I do not know if I will ever open a studio or be a vendor in someone else’s space. But, I will always want to keep my options open. This is what I want right now, but maybe in a year or two I will be interested in doing things a different way. Maybe I will want to use new paints or new colors. Maybe I will learn a new technique or meet another artist that makes me grow. Maybe I will stop all together and take up knitting.

How can I say never when I do not know what is to come and how I will feel?



  1. Desirae says:

    Your post spoke to me today. I am contemplating opening up a child focused business. I want to be brave and so it I know I can. Sometimes I let fear and doubt hold me back. I do put limitations on myself and I shouldn’t. I’m prayingn the Lord give me strength and courage. I want to see my dream all the way through. Thank you.

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