…Building a Business – Point of View

I’m working on my presentation, as you know, for the Home & Remodeling Show and one of the topics I’m going to cover is how to start a creative business. I start here because it’s one of most frequent questions I receive. In making up my slides and bullet points, I think Point of View is probably the one that I believe is most important.

Having a strong point of view to define your business will not only be a way to stay true to yourself and consistent with your product, but it will also set you apart from the rest. It needs to be fairly organic, almost a blurred line between where YOU start and where your business starts. This will create a sense of authenticity.

POV will be like an umbrella over which everything will go under – your company name, your product, your colors, you style, your writing, etc. It’s the place to start and make it good because everything will be defined by it.

I started somewhere between birds and color and texture. It made sense to me and I continue to feel good about it because it’s me. Another tip it to make sure that you do a tad of a unique spin. I think the easiest way to do this is by infusing your business with your personality. God made us all different so whatever you have to offer is automatically going to be special. Don’t hide who you are by trying to be professional or like someone else. I think that would be counterproductive to doing anything creative. yea?

See the world and your business through your eyes. I’m obsessed with anything English and always have been. You have no idea how excited I get by just seeing a Union Jack or a glimpse of Big Ben on TV. I spent 6 months living there and miss it.

Use your story, your family, your history. It will mean more to you and people will notice.



  1. Christen, I am truly enjoying these business posts! Keep them coming 🙂 You are spot on, sometimes I forget this and appreciate the reminder as I continue to find my way in business!

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