…building a business: sacrifice

What are you willing to sacrifice for your business? Time with family? Money? Sleep? Free time?

If you want your creative business to be a success then you will need to do some sacrificing in other areas of your life. Maybe the real question here is not sacrifice, but the definition of success for you.


Is success making money? Being known? Having a creative outlet?

The way you answer this will depend on what your idea of success is. For me, it is not money. It has never been about the money. (Even though it has been very helpful). It has been about finding something that I can stretch out and be Christen and talk about things that I like and explore my creativity and ideas. It is a place where I don’t have to be mommy.


Having little children and being a good parent is…hard. A woman loses her body, her identity, definitely her memory and part of her brain. Where does this leave her in the quiet minutes where her kids are not clawing at her? Lost. Many times she is lost and not sure where to find herself.


My business has been a little slice of freedom for me. It is a place where I put me first. On the weekends when the family is around, I put on my paint clothes, grab my coffee & brushes and tune out. This time is important for me and I let it take priority for a few hours. I deserve it.

I feel successful when I get a few hours to play in my home, paint or write. If I feel like I am missing out on rest or too much family time then I know that my balance is off. I do not want to sacrifice my job for the other joys in my life. Sacrificing too much? Maybe your definition of success needs to change. Think about it. What is worth your idea of success?





  1. Christen, your piece on building a business and how it can entail sacrifice in other areas of life…is very true…like you, I find my business my creative outlet, to expand my horizons and see where my creativity takes me…and I have a wonderful and supportive husband who wants me to do things that make me happy, try new techniques, learn new things…a little slice of personal freedom…a cup of coffee, putting beads together, colors, textures, see what comes to mind and how to create something fun to wear…it is wonderful and I know I am very blessed…

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