…building a business: self-promotion

This term was a negative in my household growing up. Anything that related back to yourself was narcassistic and bad. Bad, bad. However, if we pull it apart and think of it in the context of our little, creative businesses it is actually a very important and necessary tool. Dare I say, self-promotion is good.

I, myself, have a moment of doubt when I post about any press or interviews I’ve done. I think, “Gulp, does this make me look self involved?” Or could I instead say to myself, “This is really going to get the word out that I am creditable at my job and have been recognized for it. In turn this will help me gain business.”


Self promotion falls under the umbrella of marketing. What are you showing and saying to the vast audience out there that may see your achievements? You are letting them know that you are a qualified and legitimate business.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for good marketing. If I see a product on TV or a website and the graphics are appealing and the message is inspirational, then I am sold. I need to be a part of it. I once hear Nate Burkus say that people don’t need to be able to afford the entire decorated room, they just need to have a little piece of it. I get that.

Good self-promotion can be just talking to your friends about what you are working on. It can be emailing pictures of your latest work. It can be lovely business cards, tutorials, a beautiful display in a shop and print press.

In whatever avenue you take to promote, my advice to you would be to always sound and show what is authentically you. Don’t try to be sophisticated if you are playful. Don’t be silly if you are shy. Give your audience credit. They are not stupid and they will see through any fake facade.



Self promotion will also give you confidence in the work you are producing. Your customers will see this sense of confidence and trust you and your product/service. You are a treasure and what you offer is special. Think about how to show that.


  1. Wonderfully said! I agree, though still hard to accomplish! Love your work!

  2. Thank you so much for your inspiration. This is something that I needed to hear at this time since I’m just starting out. Thank you again!

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