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I would say for a creative person wanting to start and maintain a creative business the selling is the most tricky. It would be lovely if we could work at our craft, create, design, display and share. But the hard truth is that in order for your business to have life you have to sell your product.


If I could give any bit of advice on this subject it would be to not start out with the intent to sell anything. Creativity has to be free and moving and not stuck under the pressure of having to pay rent and the water bill. Do your craft because you love doing it. Explore it and develop your own technique. Make it the best you can and feel so proud that you want to keep the piece all to yourself.

I am still debating whether or not I want to keep this piece for my own family room. I do that with every piece I finish.


Don’t quit your day job because you think you have a great idea to paint portraits of children or the can sew the most amazing pillows. Start small and acheive the goal of making those pillows for your own couch. Then give a few away to friends. Then start talking about it to people, make some business cards and see what happens. Sign up for a few fairs. Maybe you will sell out and maybe you will sell a total of two. Ideally you’ll sell enough to pay for the tent you bought for the set up and the entrance fee. But, the last thing you want for yourself is a huge disappointment because you figured you were going to make X amount of dollars. And if you are so low and disappointed the last thing you are going to want to do is to find comfort in the effort of your creativity and the product that disappointed you. At least I wouldn’t.

(Luckett’s Spring Market 2012)





The good news is is that if you love and enjoy the art of creating something you will not be disappointed. For example, I only buy pieces to refinish that I love. I know that I love them because I’m just dying to see how they change when I paint them. I am totally content without selling that piece or not selling it right away because I get to enjoy it in my house. I even have marked items as SOLD because I sometimes decide that I never want to part with it. That is how in love you should be. That no one disappointing experience can take away the joy of creating. This will help you be successful and feel rewarded.


Still a bit sad that this left my home.



  1. Katherinne says:

    Hello Christen,Thank u for your words!I am brazillian married to a Belgium guy and I have twoo wonderful boys.Ilove the work that u do!U have a very good taste,very elegant!I also love when a paint something and transform to a beautifful new pièce;)I also want to sart My onwn litle bisness!u r a great inspiration!have a lovely day.hugs from My house to yours

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