…building a business: set your intention

What do you want to accomplish with your small business is 2015?

Find more business?

Develop beautiful marketing materials?

Open a shop?

Sell at a show?

Create with more consistency?

Make more money?

Slow down a bit?

A change of the season and certainly a change of the year is a perfect opportunity to rev up, alter course or direction. Let’s take a moment this day to set our intention.


Besides adding more yoga to my life, my intention for Blue Egg Brown Nest this year is to try a few more creative projects. Like, learn to sew. Just typing this out scares me. I can barely sew a button on a shirt. When making curtains and pillows I have used fabric tape – which actually works quite well.

I bought myself a little machine for Christmas.


I’m kidding. I did not buy an antique Singer. Mine came from Amazon Prime. (Dad, yes, I may want the antique Singer you have in the basement. For show, of course.)

Grand adventures in sewing lay ahead. So, if you find your local hardware store is sold out of drop cloths it may be because I have them here, cut into pieces with the intention of creating pillows and table cloths and roman shades for my kitchen window from them.



My first order of business is a Union Jack pillow.


Oh! And maybe a few of those transfer-graphic-pillow-ideas.


Stay tuned.

PS – Do I have any amazing sewers out there that I could consult in time of need? Takes a village sometimes to get our intentions made into reality, yes?



  1. I love your intentions!!! Please share your adventures in sewing…I’m new to it – but I LOVE it!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! I took a sewing class my senior year in high school for an easy A, cough cough… 20 some years ago, but actually ended up with some skills and have been sewing ever since. You have been an inspiration to me for painting furniture so feel free to let me know if I can help you with sewing.

  3. Laurel Bates says:

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have about sewing. I love it!

  4. Just love your creativity and style!!!

  5. Christen,
    I’ve sewn for many years. I’ve made everything from clothing to dolls to home dec items. I’ve recently started my business painting furniture so I’ll help you with your sewing questions and you can help me with my painting/business questions! Im really happy to hear you want to learn, sewing is so rewarding and it’s becoming a lost art! Pillows are a great place to start, they are easy & quick. Good luck and I’m happy to help if you have questions

  6. Let me know how the sewing goes! Love the drop cloth and transfer idea. I also got a sewing machine for Christmas. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Save me a drop cloth or two.

  7. Fantastic for you! Look me up if you get stuck on anything, happy to share pointers!!! Xx and happy new year!!

  8. Congrats on getting a sewing machine. I have sewn since I was seven, being taught by my mom. More recently I have sewn home decor (as a small business) for 10+ years. And to my credit I was on a tv show just once called Sell this House. I finally get to tell someone about that!
    Currently, I sew November thru April and paint in my garage May thru October.
    Contact me – I’ll help you anyway I can. But please do not do your first sewing on a Union Jack pattern. It may look easy, but you’ll easily be frustrated if you haven’t sewn before. You may want to take a few lessons first.
    Have fun. Lauren

  9. Hi Christen just was doing some research about chalk painting and wham i just lov the way u represent yourself. I make handmade cards studied interior decorating and just want to try out this technique. I live in cyprus and i want to keep my self busy as i lov creating . I also want to buy a sewing machine too lol! Lov watching your videos keep up the good work Christen .

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