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Once upon a time there was a woman that made really yummy, beautiful candy. She had a little business selling this candy to all the moms around town. She had a Facebook Page and a website where she sold her happy candy. Moms would buy the sweet treats for their children’s birthday parties. The candy was pretty, the business was good. But, there was one problem. She never smiled. She never seemed happy. Many found this very curious. I found this kind of sad.

This tale is based on a true story. I could not get my head around the fact that this business owner did not seem happy when she made candy all day long. To be honest, it made me not want to buy any of the stuff. There was something amiss. If you love what you are doing, wouldn’t you be happy and joyful? I know business-owners get tired and frustrated, but overall wouldn’t you smile? Especially if sugar was involved? It all feels a bit…phony.

I am one of those people that feels like if you are happy it shows. We have an exterior expression that displays this contentment and it’s called a smile. You almost can’t hide a smile even if you tried. It comes from the inside out. We also all know a fake smile when we see it. It’s there, but not quite in the eyes. I know you know what I mean. Phony.

I want to work with people that smile and are pleasant. You don’t have to be happy all the time. I certainly am not. But, I want to know that you feel good about what you are selling and that you love it. I want to know that you wouldn’t be anywhere else, but where you are and that you are grateful for it. I want to see you smile.

Now, this is a face I could buy candy from…and anything else he was selling! #reidlove




  1. Good thoughts! Thank you, it did cross my mind though, the lady may love making candy but feel overwhelmed and consumed with other issues in her life that keep her preoccupied or sad. She may feel like she’s constantly just so keeping her head above the water and it may not be because of her business.

  2. I absolutely love the video shorts. Very informative and helpful. Keep up the good work. Have a great day.

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