…building a business: style

What could you do to enhance your style? The style of your product and your business? I have a very dear friend, Stephanie, that recently started her own personal training business, Stephanie Mitchell Fitness, and she came up with some great marketing tools including color. Hot pink! And if you don’t know Stephanie she is hot pink! The color reflects her vibrate personality, commitment and cheer. It is pretty perfect.


My own example, as you know, has a lot to do with color. Duck Egg Blue. It is a calm color, but a bit more sassy than Sky blue. It is in my own home, it is in my photos, my books, my pillows, my curtains, my clocks, my throws, my chairs, my dishes, my candles, my clothes, etc. I know you know 🙂


What is your style? Your color?

How could you represent your business with your own personal style? Does your logo reflect you in the color and the design? Is the font elegant like you are? Are the graphics whimsical like your clothes and your home?

I think your audience consciously or unconsciously knows if you are consistent and I think consistency reads as reliable to the customer. It means you’ve put thought and feeling behind your brand. In my prior life I was in marketing and I learned so much about what it takes to represent your firm as a whole. If you want to portray a clean, confident look that your audience can rely on then you need to have a custom style and it needs to be in you, on you, through you. If you haven’t found your hot pink, then start looking!



  1. When might you have new desks to sell? Looking for small type Secretary.

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