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This is a big one. We were not put on this earth to be alone as much as sometimes I wish I could do everything on my own. To rely on someone else is very scary and difficult for me. Let’s just say it’s a painful subject.

When you own your own creative business you need people. It’s not like you work in a big office building where everyone has their own duties and you are working towards a common goal. Many times it is just you working for…you. You need help. You need help with the pracitical side of things like the moving, selling, marketing, repairing and work. More than that, you need people supporting your goals for your business.


What does support mean?

It means friends & people asking about how it’s going.

Dinner guests commenting on the large dining set half painted in your living room.

Neighbors stopping to say hi when you are covered in paint in your driveway.

Friends showing up to help move your left-over pieces from the Luckett’s Spring Market (Matt Sanne).

Support means genuine interest in whatever you have going on in your life. It could be collecting seashells or cats. It could be learning how to ski. It could be going to a new barre class. When someone is interested in what you have going on you feel cared for; held up. It makes space for you to keep on doing what you love and enjoy to do. It speaks to you in a way that says, “I see you.” Isn’t that what we all need? Someone to see us. Someone to know us. I think we all inherently need this. I know I do.

If you don’t have this type of support in your life, then I have a secret for you, you can give it to yourself if you try really hard. You can speak words of healing & support to yourself. You can honor your mind and your body by resting and putting up boundaries. You can encourage yourself by catching the negative voices in your head and say to them “No thank you. You are not needed.” For those of us in this boat, meet me over at my other site, The Safe Nest. We will hold each other up.


Thank you, Dear Readers, for all the support that you’ve given me. There are some days when it’s all I have.



  1. I love what you write and your beautiful skils with your furniture. You have so many loyal friends following and respecting your work and lovely attitude. Keep that smile shining xx

  2. Loving this. Beautifully written : )

  3. Beautiful. Tears flowing…

  4. Thank you so much… I read your blog daily and love your attitude and talent! I started painting furniture to sell about 1/2 year ago and absolutely love it. Before I painted alot of things for my own home. My husband is a huge support but I struggle with finding supportive, not jealous, family and friends. I needed this!

  5. I began watching your video’s on YouTube when I lost my job a few years back and began to hospice my parents in my home. In my journey it was your kindess in sharing not only yourself but your talents that helped me through many dark times. I am so intrigued with your work and the beauty you create. After my husband and I both lost our jobs last September I began painting again. I have a part time job at a local Pier 1 store and I often share your website and tutorials with those people that really want to put their own personal touch to treasured pieces. It is a very small way I can give back to you. Thank you for all give so freely and I pray you continue to find peace in all you do ~ You are a true treasure!

  6. Thanks so much for putting these thoughts into words!

    Continuing to pray for your nephew. When you have a chance can you share an update as to how he and his family are doing?


  7. Christen, a client of mine told me about your blog and I just now read it for the first time. You are a wonderful writer and support of all kinds is so important as you say to help us accomplish the things we truly enjoy and love. As you say, for a friend to just ask how things are going can mean so much! I retired from a 26 year job and now work part time in design and also started my own business almost 2 years ago designing jewelry. I have gotten my name trademarked and hope one day it will really flourish…it is growing, but I know it is baby steps! Your talent is amazing, I hope you continue on this wonderful path you are on…Sincerely, Maggie

  8. Danielle says:

    You are loved.

  9. Catherine says:

    Hi there,

    I so love your website and videos. I have been to a class in my local area (Massachusetts) and literally dropped $500 in supplies because I am so in love with this process. I am considering starting a small business. I am a nurse but have a passion for being artistic. I am also a single mom with three beautiful children and want to earn more money for our future. I wanted to ask you if you have ever used ASCP on kitchen cabinets? Im nervous about the wax and grease and how they will hold up over time cleaning them. Any suggestions? Im glad Bensten is making so much improvement! God Bless!

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