…building a business: to own a shop or to just shop?

I used to say that I was going to grow up and be a yoga instructor. After a few years of therapy under my belt I started saying to myself, why don’t I just take alot of yoga classes instead of having to be the teacher?! That gives you a bit more of an idea of my sense of drive. I have it and sometimes I need to reign it in so I don’t make myself crazy.

For better or worse, you know I’m always transparent. Blue Egg Brown Nest is my lovely, wonderful hobby. I get to paint, I get to write and I make some money that I pour into my other hobby of decorating my house. It has been my biggest & best blessing besides my DH & amazing kids. I am a blessed gal.

Small Room Design

Every few months I find myself at a fork in the road with a new opportunity of becoming a part of something bigger – a shop. I’m also always asked by out of towners if I have my own brick and mortar. Nope. I work from my home; I get to work from home and after alot of observation of other sellers & vendors, I’ve deduced that this is a real luxury.

If you had asked me a few years ago I would have jumped at the chance – any chance. What has changed for me? I see how much work it would require. I see how much time it would take away from my kids. I know how much energy it would take and money and help.


Some of you out there need to make the money others want to change careers or find a creative outlet.

If you are considering a shop, what would it mean for you? Would it be worth the reward? Would you hire help to run the shop? And to work on the product? Would you have family help? Would you need a nanny?

Who would do your billing? Pricing? Inventory?

For me, I feel so grateful knowing that I can paint with my girls and that one day when they are older they could take what I’ve built and continue with more painting or interior design or architecture or craft. I love that I get to teach them that they have choices by showing them.



  1. Desiree Wilson says:

    Thank you for this post! I wish I knew the answer for myself. I love to paint but have not
    Been successful selling a whole lot from my Facebook page. I have considered Etsy but not followed through and brick and mortar sounds great but really scary at the same time. I consign most of my things in someone else’s shop and she sells my things with no problem. Of course I give away 40% of my profit so it’s very frustrating. If anyone has ideas of a better way I am all ears! Thank you!

    • Have you tried Craigslist? That’s how I sell all my pieces. 🙂 It’s usually women I deal with, and you can always have someone come look when there is someone else at home. Good luck!

  2. Dorothy Durbin says:

    I work from home and would not have it any other way! Having a barn or an industrial space would be wonderful but for now, I am happy to work late at night or whenever I am inspired. You are such a gifted artist and designer. Your children will benefit from the exposure. Love the photo!

  3. I hear you all. I have had a shop. Was my dream come true. I fillled it with things I love and things people in my area would expect. I yard saled all my diaplay pieces and re-finished them. I often got more requests for my furniture/display pieces than the shop items. Then the management/leasing co changed their rep. It was end of the year and my first Christmas. I had already had visions of taking over the shop next door. I knew when their lease was up and figured I would fill with furniture I was refinishing.
    It was less than 6 months and I didnt like the companys tone. We closed right after New Years.
    Best decision, the store has never been filled to this day, 7 years later. I love my husband aka Hunny Bunny for filling my dream bucket but I kept going and now I have an Etsy shop that I am experaminting and growning. We followed his dream and he owned his own automotive shop. Another story. But sometimes we need to Grow Where We Are Planted. And you’ll be the prettiest flower in the Garden. You have good seeds to work with.

    Don’t know if this helps or makes scense….But Never Stop Dreaming
    Barbara Ann

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