…building a business: when bad things happen to good people

When owning your own business often times it is ONLY YOU! Can I hear an amen? It’s alot of work and alot of responsibility. So when we do our very best and give our heart, it can be crushing when bad things just happen. This blue door was one of those moments in my Blue Egg Brown Nest life.

A super lovely & charming client, Rosemary, brought me those amazing doors to refinish for her. She was planning on putting them in her kitchen for her pantry doors. I love a creative lady! She picked Napoleonic Blue, a bold & beautiful choice.

As you can imagine, working on two doors about 10 ft tall was a bit of an effort for this gal at 4’11”. It involved a step stool and my DH flipping them over between coats.




I. Was. So. Careful.

I only worked on them when DH was there to help me. They were finally completed one bright, sunny Sunday and I had them propted against the garage to do a few touch ups. I went inside for a coffee and between sips, DH came up to me, laid a hand on my back and said “Whatever you do, don’t go outside.” I threw my hands up to my face, covering my eyes and hanging my head. Deep breath. Okay, fine, shallow breath and then ran to see what happend. And there she was, like a crime sceen she had fallen hard onto the driveway, glass shattered and scattered everywhere. I sat on the ground & cried. And once I was done, I went in and emailed Rosemary.

It happens. There are always going to be accidents & missteps. All that matters at the end of the day is how you deal with it. It can either become a funny anticdote years later or it can become a bruise on your business. Make sure it’s the former by communicating immediately. Then do everything you can to remedy the situation.

DH called about 5 glass places and finally found one that could find the exact, vintage glass. They picked up a sample from his office and within 2 days delivered an exact piece, cut to fit the door.


It had to have the right thickness and that greenish-blue color on the sides.


Oh DH! What would I do without you?!



And this…


After a few more touch ups, the doors headed to their home and are awaiting hanging.

If you are open, honest & communicate with your client they will be much more trusting of you and you will gain integrity & credibility. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever try to hide anything. Ever. If you’ve promised something and it just can’t be delivered, communicate it as soon as you are able. If you break something, communicate & then remedy. If you are super late on finishing up a project, update your client. If you are a creative business, everything you do is special & custom and doesn’t always come to completion on time. That fine. What is not fine is if you stay silent. Keep the client in the know. You will all breathe a bit easier.


A sigh of relief.




  1. I’m so glad it all turned out good! These things do happen. I had a few custom projects mid stream in my garage when the hubs drove in over a can of stain and it sprayed not only all over my half done projects but all over the garage and walls! UGH….whatcha gonna do…just breathe and move forward!!! 🙂

  2. Love this post. People are understanding as long as you communicate fully and honestly. Love your work and now love your business ethics!! Looking forward to seeing you at the Lucketts Store soon.

  3. Christen,

    Been there, felt that. [See on my hopeandsalvage.com blog posted-Just a Bad Dream]. I’ve seen your videos with your kids playing in the background. Thank God they were not riding by when the door decided to fall, and, lucky you had a sensitive and skillful husband who helped you through to a positive outcome. I love me my learning moments!

    La Verne

  4. So glad it all turned out good!! I would love to see those doors in her house they are amazing!!!

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