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One of my favorite people, and a super special friend whom I have passed through many of life’s tricky stages with, is a girl name Emily. Emily is complex in all the best ways, but the things she likes are simple and clean. One brownie wrapped in parchment paper, one single snowflake stamp on a holiday card, one favorite book (that she never did finish :)), one bold shade of orange, one special VW Fox, one pair of glittery stud earrings, one silver cherry ring, one wine with a pretty label. You get the point.

One, but all very special. In fact, more special than if there were a million of any object or idea put together. Simple, but not modest. Minimal, but not scarce. Clean, but not bare.

There is more personality in Emily’s one-ness than in other’s million-ness because it is big in it’s simple appearance.

I think many times as creative people we try to do things that are “many” and flashy and new in order to gain attention and business. But, isn’t there something to be said about being simple? Isn’t there something more digestible for people if it is clean and concise? It makes me think how a chef must cook scrambled eggs to demonstrate their cooking abilities. Simple, but best.

I find myself constantly going back to the beginning with my projects and writing. There are so many new ideas and projects and images thrown in our faces, but what about what is classic? I think this can have more authenticity and value. Feeling like you are behind the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest? I would bet that your clients want to see your simplest. Your best. I think this means whittling away at all the frills and coming back to what you are good at, what comes naturally for you and makes you the most satisfied. Yesterday I started a new project and I was so happy just to be painting. I wasn’t pushing myself to write a book or market myself, I was just enjoying the smooth paint run over a piece of old wood. Ahhh.

What is your simplest aka your best?

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PS – I heart you, M.



  1. I needed this today. I crave simplicity in my life and yet it seems one of the hardest things to have these days. I agree with getting back to what you love and doing what satisfies you. In the world of blogging today it is all about creating a brand and marketing yourself. At times, it does feel so inauthentic because of the bigger and better things that blogging has to offer. I love this post because it resonates with me. More importantly with what I want to be and what I desire….authentic and simplicity. Thank you for sharing this today.

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