…building a creative business: eat your vision





Make part of.


What would it mean to you to really take in your vision for your business and yourself and make it a part of you. I get so many nuggets of wisdom from Super Soul Sunday and this was one from Iylania. She challenged a room full of people to take it what they thought their greatest goal would be for themselves – eat it just like a beautiful, fragrant orange.

For a visual person this really made sense to me. It means creating a goal or something that you’ve always aspired to and consuming it into yourself until you are living it. I think this goes for anything we feel is important to us. If we make it part of our identity then we are more apt to believe it. I am a mother. I am a painter. I am a friend. I am a daughter. I am a writer. I am a Jesus-lover. I am a gardener. I am a cook.

What about what we WANT?

We all having something that we want to be or to do. It could be a job or a marriage or a baby or healing, etc. What do we want for our creativity? Do we want to be in a museum? Own a shop? Have lots of clients? A TV show? A book? What if we focused on that desire and made it really intentional. Would we get there?

Let’s practice intention today. I am going to eat my goal. Yea, kinda like that Mister.



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