…building a creative business: god gives us space

Does God want us to be different?

Does God love when we are different from the people in our lives?

Does God want us to be creative? To use our minds?

All signs point to – yes. If we were not meant to think on our own and stretch our minds creatively then why would we all have different colored hair? Why would some of us have freckles? And eyes of all shades of color? Our voices different decibels? Gwyneth Paltrow’s never-ending legs and mine, well, not so much.


It sounds like encouragement to be creative. A shove to be different than the person next to us. An applause to talk differently, have different ideas, want different things than our friends and parents. Speak up and speak loudly.

Why is this concept so hard for us to embrace? Is it fear that keeps us from stepping out and being big and bold in what we like and make? Is it fear that we will make a big fool of ourselves and fail in front of everyone? Are we afraid people will misinterpret us and write us off and get others to laugh until we are ganged up on? Are we scared that no one will support our ideas and choices?

Maybe we are we made with creative ideas but also made with insecurities. How do we recitfy these two opposites? Sometimes I see it clearly and think, “Oh, yea. This is good and feels right and I’m going to keep going and not look to my left and my right.” And other times, like when night falls and the house is quiet I think, “Oh, Dear God, what did I say? Who did I think I was to do that?!” Quick – hide!


The sun always rises and I am renewed and feel strong again. What can keep us in that place of assurance? I heard a message on Sunday from an old, dear friend who was preaching at our church. He encouraged us to clear our minds so we could hear God more clearly because He is speaking. We just don’t feel it and see it because we are clouding ourselves with stuff & in my case, fear. Where could I go if that fear did not claw at me? How high could I fly and what could I do? God gives us the sky to remind us that we can go up infinitely; that there is space to fly up.


For me I think it is exercising the muscles of independence, confidence & my own inner voice. It is not rebellion and it is not bad. It is our birthright to fly higher than others want us to. It is a gift to stretch out wide.


  1. THIS is what I needed to hear today. I was just about ready to delete my fb page. I seriously went to bed last night and woke up this morning thinking that I’m making such a fooll by putting myself out there….omgosh! What am I doing?! I didn’t go to school for this! I’m not a perfessional! Clearly I must be faking it. Yes, that’s it….I should just go back under my shell where I don’t have to worry about what people think if me!
    Why do we do this? Sabotage the thing(s) we LOVE doing? You’re so right when you say God gave us creativity in all different forms so we can become more like Him! I’m so going to continue doing this because….it makes me happy! And God’s ok with that 🙂
    Thanks for YOUR inspiration!

  2. Lovely thoughts. However, part of this post was covered by ads and I couldn’t get rid of the ads. They were so distracting and annoying. Placement covering part of the post isn’t a positive. It takes away from what you are trying to say or the lovely pictures are partially covered and I can’t see the lovely things you are trying to focus on.

  3. Pinkie Crabtree says:

    I have recently been reminded that being a dreamer is such an important part of success in life. You dream it and you live it. Love your spirit and your honesty. Thus, don’t ever give up your day dream. God bless you and your family as you continue to inspire others.

  4. The Choice

    Up high upon the clouds I ride
    While others stay and wish to hide.

    I watch the birds with jealous joy
    As they climb to heights and look so coy.

    There on the horizon as their winging
    You can just imagine the song their singing.

    Like the birds I prefer to soar
    While others find it such a chore.

    If you could choose to fly or sit
    Perhaps you’d wish to wait a bit.

    But freedom comes to those who seize
    For me the choice comes with ease

    Poem by
    Katie Maciag

  5. Amen!! Keep fighting that fear, giving it to Jesus!! I love your blog & your finished furniture! Keep painting Momma. It is so important to have creative outlets, it makes us better moms when we can pursue our dreams while we raise our children. It took me a long time realize this! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  6. How important are your posts to me? VERY! I am struggling with selling my painted treasures, and continue to pray that my pieces will start to move. Recently, I thought God wanted me to stop painting, Maybe he was trying to tell me something? Yet somehow He keeps giving me some small paint jobs. A large picture frame. A coffee table. A small plaque. A small bench. All small things to paint for clients. Well God has spoke to me, a small project, can lead to bigger projects. And that SMALL VOICE? Is all I need to keep me going.. Finally making my very own facebook page , The Shabby Starfish, has brought me more inspiration from others as well. Thank you for your words my friend, yes you! The one who taught me how to paint. 🙂 Lisa from Florida.

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