…building a creative business – how often to blog

I think writing about your creative business is really important. It allows clients, future clients, press, friends & family to understand what you are working on. I think sometimes creative people can get stuck in a room by themselves creating and feel, well, isolated. I think sharing is an important way to motivate yourself and your work. Social Media is a creative person’s dear friend. It helps get the word and your product out.

As much as I love blogging and writing, it is definitely a huge part of my work load. I blog every day and have for the past six years (minus sick days, vacation days and kids driving me crazy days). It is a commitment I made with myself not because I owe it to anyone, but because I find that writing every day about what I’m working on keeps me moving forward.


There are many, many bloggers that do not write every day and still have very successful site. There are also bloggers out there that do blog every day. The tricky part is always to come up with new and fresh content while staying true to your process.

I attempt to write and show what I am working on currently. I also allow my Tuesday to be about Building a Creative Business, which has become popular to those that want to start their own businesses. I do a question & answer day on Wednesday and a Favorite Things Friday on…Friday! This structure allows me to know what I’m going to write about during the week. The rest of the days (Monday and Thursday) I am able to show projects that I’m working on or have completed.

Again, writing about my projects, business and interests really makes me stay interested in what I have going on. It keeps the juices flowing. In fact, I find that I am less creative when I am not writing every day. This is what works for me. If you cannot write everyday or talk about your business then that is totally fine! You need to do you in order for it to work.



  1. Sarah Rowe says:

    Hi there ,
    Firstly I think your amazing!!!!!
    I’m in New Zealand
    I have a piece of furniture that need some advice on. I have a pic where shall I send it to.

    Thank u
    Sarah ❤️

  2. Thank you. As a future blogger I appreciate this. My thought was to start, when I start, posting once or twice a week till I see the response I get. Does this make sense?
    Thank you
    Barbara Ann

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