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Let’s start with what is not motivating. Being literally stuck in the house by bounds of snow and three children for 10 days and then finding out that there is a teacher work day on day 11. I think I literally shut down for at least 8 of those days. I put my head in my little shell, tucked my arms and legs in and hung a sign up that said See You In The Spring. There is only so much hot cocoa, kid’s movies and board games that one woman can handle. And when her hiatal hernia decides to rear its ugly head so she can’t even comfort herself with queso and chips it is a dark day.


What I know for myself is that I cannot manufaction creativity. And to be creative you must be motivated by something. This something is so personal. For me, it is sunshine, music, art museums, good food, documentaries, a quiet lunch with good friends, watching my son sleep, etc. If I am deprived of some of these things or all of these things for a long period of time it’s like getting dehydrated. It starts at a slow uncomfortablness and then it becomes deseperation. I feel like I will never feel better.

Does anyone out there relate? I do feel blessed that there are things that can hydrate me and spark life. I believe that we all have these motivators. I believe that we all kind of know what they are, we just need to pay a bit more attention and sometimes it takes effort to reconnect with the things that keep us feeling alive. If you are not feeling motivation I feel so confident that you are not tapping into these bits of light. What makes you breathe in deep without thinking? What relaxes your shoulders and brings you a natural smile? We were made to connect to these things. When I feel charged I feel curious and for me, curiosity is the gateway to creativity.

Two things –  if you are feeling low please know you are not alone. If you are a creative person, which I believe we all are in some way, and you feel all dried up, I would challenge you to tap into said inspiration things. If the beach is the thing that makes you breath and you can’t get there then hang a picture of a beach next to your computer. You don’t necessarily need to be there to still feel the stillness and relaxation.




  1. Sharon Smith says:

    So I am wondering how you knew that what you wrote is just what I needed today….feeling so frustrated in my “real” job but wanting to be able to focus on my creative side business. You inspire me in so many ways….thank you. Have a sunshiny creative day! – Sharon

  2. Fiona Dorward/Marvellous Makeovers says:

    Feeling a bit the same way… dark Sweden in the winter is not my thing…I am putting my paintbrush on the shelf for a while. Heading for the sun on Sunday to the Dominican Republic and expect to find new energy and motivation there… so my unpainted pieces of furniture better watch out as I will be getting the English Yellow, Barcelona Orange and Provence out when I get back…
    HOpe you find your sunshine too soon…Fiona

  3. Hey there,
    Great post and I can feel you being cooped up with the snow days from what you wrote! It would make me want to run in circles flailing my arms screaming like the kid in Home Alone. I live in Az now, but spent almost 40 yrs living in California, an hour and a half from the beach. Whenever I needed a recharge? I got in my car and took a day trip to the coastline. I didn’t even need to go in the water! I just had to drive this stretch of road along the coast line that is gorgeous, makes me think of a car commercial and the song “Desert Rose” by Sting playing on the stereo(do you know that song?) Its awesome! But that’s all I need. Sometimes just walking on the sand briefly with bare feet with just the cold water touching my toes. Then I go to the downtown, walk around all the beach folks, thrift shop, drink Lavender Lemonade and Gelato! And I’m good to go! Now that I’m in Az I’m far from my recharge place and I find I get stale also. I just booked myself several days at the start of January, stayed behind after the family gatherings and went up the Coast by myself for several days. I bought a pretty journal, and sketched out my game plan for the new year. I was away from all the clutter and distractions and at the place that makes my heart sing. I really did feel it helped! So if anyone can take a time out and do anything for themselves, DO IT!

  4. Carolyn M. says:

    I think you would absolutely LOVE the book “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love). The whole book (which is an easy, fast read) talks about how to live and survive a creative life. I also paint furniture and have a little shop, and got the audiobook so I could listen while I’m painting. Knowing what I know about you from your blog, you will really enjoy it. xoxo

  5. Winter does that to me and my day job does that also. Some days I feel like I work for Voldemort because it sucks out my soul. But the days are getting longer just a little so we will see more daylight. Enjoy your time with the little ones while you can. They grow up, go away to college, and get a real job and it seems to happen so fast. Spring is not too far away!

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