…building a koi pond

It’s not all paint and furniture over here in our nest. DH and I love a good project. Many times we are inspired when we are sitting on the porch on a Friday evening in relief that the week is over. It is not until Sunday when we are completely drained still that sometimes we realize we were very, very ambitious. The koi pond was no different.

As you know DH is very, very crafty. I tease him that he needs to quit his important job as CTO and come work for Blue Egg Brown Nest. We could do amazing things! One day, maybe.

We have this great, little space near our front porch that sadly became a place for bikes, scooters, bubbles, bubble wands, helmets, etc. You probably have one of those too. It was also the perfect place to foster my childrens’ love of nature. Koi! Dig it deep, dig it now!

Despite how many times Dear Husband told me that this was a massive job, I did not believe him. A hole, some water and fish.

It started out a whole lot messier than I had imagined.


Mud?! Apparently you have to dig at least 3-4 feet.



Monday quickly came and we had to wait a whole other week for Phase II, which went something like this.


A very expensive liner that looked like a trash bag to me. We also installed a little fountain so we needed a pump to circulate the water.


Lots of tools, framing, stone and some designing. I went shopping at a garden store and really wanted to come home with this one. It was $1,700 so that was not happening.


We are on Phase III, weekend III and still have no fish to show for it. All the neighborhood kids are impatiently waiting and am I!


You will certainly meet our fish once we have them!



  1. I hope it works out for you…every time I put koi in my fountain, raccoons came at night and snatched them out…they did leave the cutest little footprints! Even having dogs go in and out didn’t keep them away. I know put in pothos leaves in there, along with floating candles and it at least looks pretty until I drain and cover it for the winter. Just don’t be discouraged if this happens…I actually like my patio even more this way!

  2. I admire your creativity and your enery.
    I await the finished pond. I have no doubt it will be fabulous.

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