…Building Series – Building a Home

Hi Friends!

I have a few more home renovations before getting to bulldozing this home and building. We had a great backyard in our first home, but needed a deck. Guess who we called? No one! Brent took on the challenge.

I may have hit a few nails in myself. And apparently I work in bare feet.



Due to budget constraints that year, we waited to put up railings 🙂 But, it still worked for brunch with my parents after church.

Oh, DH, Greta is wondering why Daddy’s hair used to be so curly as she looks at this picture from 11 years ago.

Question for Brent the Builder? Post and he’ll answer!


FYI – I have a TON of new (old) pieces coming in,  in process & just completed. Check out the Shop Furniture Section if you are after something.



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