…Building Series – Building a Home

Timing is everything, so they say. So, when our neighbors came to us and asked if we wanted to buy their home in order to build the home we were in (confusing, I know!), I knew that it was a shot in the dark. And yet, here we are.

The timing for us little Benstens was right for us to finally tear down the house we bought as newlyweds and build it. You saw demolition last week and now here is the rise of the house.

This would be the molds that the concrete that gets pumped into for the foundation.

Ah, there’s nothing like being out of the ground & seeing framing go up.

Daddy & Greta Belle agree.


This is the second story, which Brent made me climb a very shaky & narrow ladder in order to see the rooms.

eeek! Windows never looked so gorgeous as they do when you are waiting 5 months for them to go in!

Almost there!

Meanwhile, across the street looking on…me and my sweet.

Questions for Brent the Builder on how to build a house? Post and he will answer!




  1. Love the pic of tiny Greta!

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